Kosher is the New “Natural”

Kosher has hit it big.  No other claim was used more frequently last year on new foods and beverages, according to Mintel’s Global New Products Database.

“Kosher” was at the top of the list of all new product launches — beating out  “all natural” and “no additives or preservatives.”   is-it-kosher-1583306161-l1

Yet  food safety was the primary driver,  not religion. Research conducted by Mintel indicates that people who purchased kosher products thought they were produced under stricter supervision than what is provided by government inspection.  Many thought the kosher symbol guarantees that the food is free of contaminants or disease. (particularly meats). 

More than half of the consumers who purchased kosher foods did so because they considered them to be safer than products not certified as kosher.

With foodborne illness outbreaks constantly in the news, it’s no surprise that people are nervous about the safety of the food supply.  Yet, this food safety halo over kosher foods may be more perception vs. reality.

Mintel valued the market for kosher-certified foods at $12.5 billion.  According to the firm’s database, 4,477 new kosher-certified processed products were launched in the U.S. in 2007, compared to 1,491 in 2205 and 399 in 2003.

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