Spicy, Built-In Portion Control

Here’s a new product that had me intrigued.  I found it when walking the exhibit floor recently at the American Dietetic Association’s Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo. 

I wrote about several new products on display at the Expo for my column in the Chicago Tribune.  But this one didn’t make the cut.  Primarily because it’s not available yet in the Windy City.  For now you can only find Flavor Magic online.



This innovative product is intended to help you easily reduce portions and boost flavor of meat, fish or poultry. You simply place your protein choice on top of a pre-cut seasoning sheet and trim the meat to match the recommended 4-ounce serving.  The goal is to manage portions before you sit down to eat.  

Let it marinate for 30 minutes, remove the portion-control “transfer sheet” and then grill, bake or broil. The dry marinade contains no MSG or preservatives, and comes in several flavors including Zesty Cajun Creole, Riviera Tomato & Basil and Dijon Honey Mustard.  Available at PortionControl.net, along with some valuable information on fighting “portion distortion.”

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