Squeezy Fruits?

No doubt, kids need to eat more fruits and vegetables.  All too often french fries dominate the plate and juice is the only form of fruit many children consume.  So it’s great to see companies develop innovative new products with kid appeal.

However, must we have squirtable fruit?


Smashies is a new line of squeezy applesauce for kids that I happened to stumble upon when grocery shopping last week.  I give the company credit  for not adding sugar to the fruit, but I’m struggling with the squirt-in-your-mouth approach.  Don’t think that’s how I want to encourage my kids to eat.  Sure, it’s great the product is portable and ideal for lunch boxes or on-the-go snacks…but remember apples?

The puree in the pouch contains “organic apple flavor” (what is that?) and 0 grams of fiber — a significant disadvantage over real apples.   I’d much rather encourage the whole fruit, or look at other options on occasion to add variety and interest.

Rather than sucking on pulverized apples, I like the idea of  freeze-dried apples better (all natural, no added ingredients) and mini-bags of sliced apples.  But, of course, real apples are the best of all. 

fc-fujiapple-24pack_thumbnailchiquite-apple-2What do you think?

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