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I was happy to be included in an article on food and nutrition blogs in the Chicago Tribune.  Click HERE to take a look.  Many of the blogs featured in the article are hosted by registered dietitians like myself, which is great to see!  Increasingly the Internet is a primary source of nutrition information, but sometimes the reliability can be sketchy.  So it’s important to look at who’s behind the blog.

A new report from eMarketer titled The Blogosphere: A-Twitter with Activity says the blogosphere has reached a point where it is no longer distinct from mainstream media.  Today, 96.6 million people are blog readers, representing 48.5% of  U.S. Internet users.   By 2013, that number is predicted to be 128.2 million or 58% of the Internet population.  

eMarketer also says the number of bloggers will rise, though not at the same rate as the number of blog readers.  By 2013, 37.6 million U.S. Internet users will have a blog that they update at least once a month.  When it comes to nutrition blogs, here’s wishing for quality over quantity!

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