Cut Out Hydroxycut

nutritionunplugged1If you fell victim to Hydroxycut’s fat-burning promise, please run, don’t walk, to the nearest trash can and throw these diet supplements away.  Or better yet, take them back to the store where you bought them for a refund — these popular weight loss products have been recalled.

FDA has issued a warning that Hydroxycut can cause liver failure, jaundice, seizures and cardiovascular problems.  One 19-year-old male died after using Hydroxycut and 23 reports of serious health problems are linked to the products.

The manufacturer has agreed to recall 14 different Hydroxycut supplements, which are widely distributed in supermarkets, health food stores and pharmacies.  According to the FDA, 9 million units of Hydroxycut products were sold last year. The manufacturer, Iovate Health Sciences, Inc., describes Hydroxycut as America’s # 1 selling weight loss product.  The pills, drinks and powders are marketed as fat burners, appetite suppressants and energy enhancers, with ads that use stunning before and after photos, professional “endorsers,” and claims of “clinically proven.”hydroxycut-tabs1    

The exact ingredients to blame have not yet been identified, but an investigation is underway.  Additional details are available in this alert from the FDA and this New York Times article.

It’s really scary to me to see these types of products and the misleading claims.  Remember, a  dietary supplement  does not need to register a product or get approval from FDA before it’s sold.  Weight loss supplements are particularly troubling — since December, the FDA has issued a list of 70 brands that contained hidden and potential hazardous drugs including antiseizure medication.

It’s no longer about spending money on “promises” that don’t work, now our health is at stake.  These products are not simply ineffective, they can be dangerous.  The enthusiastic endorsers may be persuasive, but don’t fall for these tactics.  There are no magic bullets.  Be wary of any product that claims to burn fat, cleanse or detox.

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  • cyrell

    With the liver failure, the seizures and heart problems i would say it is something related to epinephrin.

    It can be found in a couple of plants, thus beeing all natural and plant based does not save one from these stuff.

    Epinephrin can be good, is medicine for some people, but in higher doses it can be used to loose weight and build up muscles.

    With some easy chemical pimping you can make the real deal…anabolicas.

    Epinephrin has light anabolic tendencis, but maybe..add a couple of hydroxy groups(hydroxy cut weight? ).. and you get stronger anabolicas.

    And everyone should know what steroids do to athletes who take them, the muscle man which are pumped up like walking meat balls..and then die because of heart conditions, cancer or liver failure.

    But also thyroid hormones were found in weight loss products. They push the body to burn fat but everything in the body is starting to run top notch..this means high blood pressure, problems with sleeping, irregular heart beat and at last hyperthyreosis which can kill you.

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