Putting the “No” in Innovation


I wrote earlier about the trend of simplicity and the campaign that Shredded Wheat had in the works.  Now the new anti-innovation ads have been launched, which play into today’s increased  desire for authenticity and simple, honest nourishment.  The campaign features a rather (pardon the term) innovative web site called the Palace of Light  that makes a whimsical case against progress. 

 “The world has progressed at lightening speed over the past 100 years.  To a fault, one could argue in light of the times.  So it’s both oddly funny and fascinating to consider that Post Original Shredded Wheat, which has used the same single ingredient for over 100 years, ends up being one of the healthiest foods on your grocery shelf.”

In a playful way, the campaign pokes fun at innovation and elevates the current backlash against heavily processed or engineered foods…

“Today we see all sorts of chemically enhanced, artificial fiber-infused, carb-refused cereals — a far stretch from simple, honest nourishment.  Post Original Shredded Wheat, on the other hand, hasn’t changed.  It is still just one simple, honest ingredient, which naturally comes with fiber, vitamins and minerals.  Why would we mess with that?”

That’s become the collective consumer sentiment, don’t mess with my food!  During these tough economic times, this humble breakfast food has hit on a perfect storm — familiar childhood favorite, back to basics, value, simple and naturally nutrient rich.  How can you beat that?

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