More Praise for Chickpeas

I was pleased to learn that my hummus recipe won a “Healthy Meal With Kid Appeal Award” from the Meal Make Over Moms’ Kitchen, a great blog by two fellow dietitians Janice Bissex and Liz Weiss.  Check out their article, which features some additional cooking notes, including tips for using dried chickpeas.


Yes, dried chickpeas are great.  And I received some comments after my initial post “Ode to the Chickpea”  about the benefits of used dried instead of canned chickpeas.  I agree.  But you can’t always find dried chickpeas in all supermarkets — often in the Hispanic and Middle Eastern sections if they’re available.  Plus, I think many of the brands of canned chickpeas are good products, particularly Goya and Bush’s.  Simply drain and rinse to help wash away some of the sodium.

But I recently received a bag of dried Rancho Gordo chickpeas from a friend and I can’t wait to use them.  I think I’m going to try the chickpea salad from Orangette, a beautifully simple 5-ingredient recipe. If you saw my earlier post then you know about my devotion to this humble legume.  Looks like Eat Real shares my passion for chickpeas.  Check out this great article for a bit of history, nutrition and tips for cooking with chickpeas.

Photo:  Rancho Gordo

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