Donald Trump: You’re Fired! as Nutritionist

THE APPRENTICEDoes Donald Trump now think he’s a nutrition expert?  Looks like The Donald’s next business venture is all about selling nutritional supplements and weight loss products.  And he’s doing it through multilevel marketing (MLM), otherwise known as a pyramid scheme. 

The new company is called  The Trump Network and it’s officially being launched in November. I only wish that I could say “you’re fired” before it gets started.  As you can see from the web site, the mission of The Trump Network is to encourage its independent marketers to achieve personal and financial independence.  He’s recruiting and “educating” distributors now to sell the so-called unique, cutting edge  products that are described as  “highly advanced, scientifically-proven health and wellness products, including customized testing and metabolic analysis, effective weight management solutions and vitamin and mineral supplements.”

Oh my.  Why doesn’t he just stick to real estate.

The power of Trump’s name will likely make this nutritional Ponzi scheme  a success — meaning that millions of people will be spending a lot of money on products  they don’t need.  They’ll likely trust his nutrition advice, and the advice of the “trained” distributors, even if much of the information is not scientifically solid.

I wish The Donald would have done more of his homework on this.  He’s joining forces with a multilevel marketing company called Ideal Health that’s been around for 10+ years (and has had its share of FTC complaints).  The “custom-made” nutritional supplements rely on what’s called a PrivaTest, which is an at-home urine test that claims to tell you what supplements your body needs every day.  Hog wash.

trump-privatestA urine analysis is not a reliable measure of nutritional status and it certainly doesn’t do all the things that are described on Ideal Health’s web site. This misleading tactic for selling a customized nutritional supplement regimen was previously exposed by Quackwatch in 2004.   Check out Quackwatch’s review of Ideal Health’s PrivaTest and Custom Essentials supplements. 

On the Trump Network site it says  “metabolic testing and customized supplements are no longer luxuries for the wealthy.”  Oh, great.  Now hard-working families can waste their money too.   It says “thousands of The Trump Network’s consumers are convinced their Custom Essentials are boosting their cellular nutrition and giving them nutritional balance and optimal metabolic health.   Join us.”

Go to your doctor for a physical exam. Schedule a consultation with a registered dietitian.  That’s the best way to tell if your diet is inadequate in certain nutrients.  Don’t take the advice of Donald  Trump or a Trump salesperson who profits on the purported profile of your pee.

trump-silhouettesolution3And if your diet does fall short in nutrients, you certainly don’t need to buy these so-called customized formulas (Donald Trump Vitamins) that can be purchased for a lot less in any supermarket or drug store.  If you want to lose weight, stick to real food and not the disgusting sounding shakes, bars and snacks that are part of the Silhouette Solution Program.  This fake-food fad diet will cost you $1,325.00 to get started.  It’s not only expensive, but an approach I certainly can’t support.  You eat only one “light” meal a day and then munch on five of these packaged snacks throughout the day — and supposedly “fat will melt off your body.”  Instead of an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains — you eat BBQ Puffs, Vanilla Creme Shakes and Chocolate Delight Bars.  

This new venture may make business sense for Donald Trump, but it certainly doesn’t make any nutritional sense.

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  • Wow!

    Thanks for exposing this, Janet. I hadn’t heard of it before. I hope Trump’s lawyers don’t come after you.

    • Janet

      Steve, It’s because Lefty’s not right.
      And I don’t care for his anger and venom. Plus, it’s my site and I can choose to eliminate personal attacks.
      Do I have a bias? You bet, it’s called relying on science.
      Let’s just agree to disagree.

  • Way to go Janet!! You’re my hero!! Shame on you Donald Trump for taking advantage of baby boomers!

  • Janet

    Thanks for your comments Dr. Parker and Carol. Yes, I do hope Trump’s lawyers don’t come after me! But certainly the truth is on my side. This is my opinion as a registered dietitian. It’s not always about profit. It’s critical to look at the product that’s being sold too! It’s a shame that Trump’s wealth could not be directed in another way that could truly benefit public health.

  • Debra Schechterle

    Yikes! Sounds like you have a major ax to grind here. I’m surprised that a woman of your standing would use your platform to mis-inform your readers based on your “opinion.”
    Let’s set some of this straight. Ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme is illegal ie: Bernie Madoff, our social security system, big corporations that rip us off and get away with it. Network Marketing or MLM is a legal, viable business model practiced world wide for more years than we can count..Amway, Shaklee, Avon, Mary Kay, the list goes on. This model is based on giving people the opportunity to work from home and create a substantial residual income by sharing or selling if you like that word better, nutritional supplements, air filters, make-up, self help programs. You are also selling or sharing the business opportunity by helping folks build a network of people who do the same who do the same.
    From experience I will tell you that this business can be fulfilling, fun, and very lucrative and not just for a few “lucky” people but for thousands upon thousands who are willing to work it like a business and not a get rich quick deal. You make lasting, authentic relationships all over the world. You are helping people with their physical health and financial health.
    Does everyone make it? No, of course not. Not everyone could be a dietitian either, but that doesn’t make it a scam.
    Now, for the nutritionals, I would invite you to try for yourself the products and to talk with actual users, not only in this company but any company. i would also ask that you base your nutrition advice on more than what you’ve given for resources. Quackwatch itself has come under considerable scrutiny for it’s biased and unfounded “research.” Metametrix is a world renown labratory, I’m thinking they know more about testing than the average Joe.
    As for the cost, you are right. In general network marketing nutritionals do cost more than going to the grocery store. You can say that about anything you buy, you can always find something that is less expensive. I would caution your readers to make an educated choice of what they are puttiing in their bodies, less expensive may not be the best choice.
    As for the weight loss program, I have personally met many people who have had fabulous results with it! Not only have they lost the weight safely and fairly quickly but they’ve kept it off.
    Donald Trump is the most accomplished business man of our times. Whether you like him or not, he is not a stupid, impetuous man. To make this decision to partner with Ideal Health was made on the integrity of the founders and the efficacy of the product line.
    Thanks for reading this
    Debra Schechterle
    P.S. to your reader that accused Donald Trump of “taking advantage” of baby must think we’re all brainless sheep that can’t make an informed decision for ourselves!

  • Janet

    Thanks for voicing your opinion. I’m not sure it’s an ax I have to grind, but I do have trouble with a business model that’s based on someone giving nutrition advice who is not qualified to do so. Of course MLM is legal. And it’s great for home-based businesses. Just wish Trump would have chosen different products to get behind. The labs may be great, but it’s garbage in, garbage out. These urine tests should not be used as a basis for recommending dietary supplements, no matter how renowned the lab is. And “trained” distributors are not qualified nutrition experts. Yes, Donald Trump is an accomplished business man. But business sense is different than nutritional sense.

  • Kim

    I agree with Debra Janet, Donald is NOT giving nutitional advice, he is merely stating the “facts” about the products & the fact that once Donald goes public with this company that he has partnered with, it means a GREAT residual income for ALL those involved. Donald has never claimed to be a nutition expert. This company has a team of experts that look at the metabolic markers from your test & then utilize a database of over 100,000 participants and over 30,000 scientific nutition studies from top research institutions to develop customized formulas for your baseline nutrition and other health concerns. Our team is made up of hundreds/thousands of medical professionals who would not risk their reputation, or the well being of their patients on a product that wasn’t any good. I see this as a win/win for everyone, creating better health & wealth fo all those involved. Donald Trump is a very smart business man, that joined forces with a good wellness company only now together to get even better. This company WILL take the industry by storm

  • Thank you, Janet for the heads up on the new product line. Very well put. I’ll be interested to see if the Center for Science in the Pulbic Interest (CPSI) comments on this product line also.

  • Ross Kennedy, Dietetic Intern

    I noticed “Kim”, that in your rebuttal you put facts in quotes. Can we take this as a little of your integrity getting in your way by sharing that those “facts” are in fact not necessarily supported by science?

    I have friends who have their own business through Quixstar. My opinion of this type of business is that your whole life becomes this business. Every hour of your day is devoted to selling. Vacations are no longer vacations but seminars and conventions on how you can spread your business. No one is doubting that Donald Trump can make money as he’s come out of some major debt in the past.

    Safe and quick weight loss are more often than not, mutually exclusive. Nutrition experts around the world would call into question the Silhouette Solutions program as you only eat 1 meal a day while drinking shakes and specially designed “foods”. These products may be perfectly acceptable incorporated into a healthy diet for weight loss but I don’t see how one couldn’t just get bored with the meal plan. Programs such as Seattle Sutton, and Nutrisystem have MEALS and snacks specially made to hit a particular daily caloric goal. I’m sure these products offer either too much restriction or not enough nutrients. I’m sure that there is a special Sihouette multi-vitamin that you must purchase as well.

    Quackwatch does have some biases on occasion but he does supply references. Where are the non-biased, uninfluenced, peer-reviewed references for these services?

  • Janet – Thanks so much for writing about this topic! I couldn’t agree more that consumers should save their money (for produce and grains from the farmer’s market) and avoid these products. As a nutritionist and a nutrition educator, I’m disappointed that Trump would lend his name to a product that is clearly just another “lose weight, get healthy” scheme that has bilked millions of dollars out of hard-working Americans for several decades. Clearly, if these products were so worthwhile, a) this country would not be suffering from an obesity epidemic and multiple chronic diseases and b) the pharmaceutical companies would have paid a lot of money for the product so that THEY could sell them! Glad you are taking the bull by the horns and telling the truth – consumers should always be skeptical of any PILL that promises to FIX all of our health problems. If it were that easy, then we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place. Kudos!

  • I have no belief that Donald Trump cares about anything other than making money in the multi-billion dollar supplement industry. He is simply a businessman taking advantage of an opportunity to make money. I have to wonder if his realestate interests are not doing so well in this economy. It’s foolish to think anything other than this. It’s also foolish to think that this product or these products will take the industry by storm. Join the ranks of thousands of products that all believe the same thing. There is no storm. And if there was anything that great coming out, those of us in the know, those who live and breath nutrition daily, would know about it. We are everywhere. In Universities where the research is done, in corporations, in government, in private practice, in the media (to name a few). We all communicate with each other, easily now thanks to social media. There are RDs, MDs, PhDs, MBAs, JDs and many others among our ranks. We value the peer reviewed journal. If your information is supported in peer reviewed journals, please share where. But that’s the problem with many MLM products. They’re inside jobs, not supported by peer review. We all know what the research says about company sponsored studies. Donald Trump may have had good business sense when he stuck to realestate, but he does not have the Midas touch in all things. He will himself cash in with this venture, and perhaps some of his followers (only the top 1% in MLM businesses earn enough to quit their jobs and retire, NO MATTER WHAT THE PRODUCT), but the majority will not. MLM is not about the product anyway, it is about the network. The bigger your network, the more money you make. Now, you hope to have a good product to convince others to become part of your network. But, if you’re a good salesperson you can sell anything, even ice to an eskimo, and claim that your product will take the market by storm.

  • Roger J, Hourihan, ATA, ATP

    I was approached by a client of mine who has been blind-sided by this whole Trump thing and like most people that get involved in a MLM they cannot see the reality until the company shuts down, they lose their marriage, family, and income from doing infomercials, etc and end up with little or nothing. Anybody that believes that a company like this is going to storm its way into the world is just another blind-sided groupie of MLM or Trump or both. It’s really sad to see how these people don’t see how they have gotten sucked in. I gave my client the courtesy and sat in a phone conference with the person who sucked her in and one of his first questions to me was what was my current occupation. Once he heard that we have a successful business he then changed his script to a higher level so I would not be suspect. I hope my client sees this for what it really is before she loses her professional credibility and I honestly believe she thinks Trump is God which is so laughable, however, I feel for her and will pray for her as she will not see or listen to anything that shows she is getting sucked into just the latest MLM. Oh well, i did try.

  • As nutritionists, your responsibility is to report the facts to your clients and if you are posting on the Internet, the World Wide Web, correct? Over-farming and pollution are just two of the reasons our foods do not have the nutritional integrity they did 30, even 10 years ago. Like it or not, supplementation is needed by virtually the entire population. Tufts recently published a study on this, Im confidant you saw it. Knowing we need proper nutrition to be ward off disease then knowing our foods just don’t cut it is a frightening truth. As professionals shouldn’t you be all over this? Your postings sound like you do not support supplementation nor the people who do, seriously? Ask the professionals in your state’s health department. I had lunch with one of the leaders in mine this weekend and she said it is virtually impossible to get all of the nutrition you need from the foods we eat. This has nothing to do with organic vs non organic, this is based solely on the nutritional values of foods available to consumers through local grocery stores.

    Tests have shown that commonly available vitamins often do not fully digest and therefore do not provide their label stated nutritional value. As a consumer, I think testing sounds really interesting. As no two people are exactly the same, why would a standard vitamin be the solution for each person? Or, if you try to customize a vitamin regiment at a vitamin store or through an independent rep, how do you know what you personally need? By reading about it or by someone telling you what you need? What about me personally, my physiological needs? Testing sounds like an important tool or option as apposed to hoping your properly balanced diet has the vitamins and minerals it should or once did.

    Drs. are advising their 30+ female clients to consume calcium pretty much across the board to avoid bone loss. New studies show that our bodies being more acidic than alkaline may actually be the culprit. Wouldn’t proper nutrition and customized supplementation potentially give women what they really need? Perhaps if we had testing as a way of life, we would all be a little healthier. Who cares if Donald Trump owns the company? He is certainly not a “God” that was a laughable thing to say. Who in their right mind would think that? He is a businessman, sounds like he bought a company with technology that may just help some people live better lives.

  • Who says that a healthy diet doesn’t provide what most people need? I pulled these titles from the Tufts Health and Nutrition Newsletter, “Fruits and Vegetables Help Build Healthy Hearts (2/05)” and “Leafy Greens Cut Lung-Cancer Risk by 50% (6/08).” If the study you refer to in the Tufts newsletter was, ” Multivitamins Fall Short in Biggest Study of Its Kind (MAY 2009)
    IF YOU’RE COUNTING on that daily multivitamin pill to help protect you against cancer or heart disease, think again. The largest study ever of multivitamin use among older women has found that the pills made no significant difference in the risk of cancer, heart disease or overall mortality.…” then yes, I did see it!

  • Janet

    You’re mistaken if you think I’m always against supplementation. My comments about the Trump Network are not at all related to my opinions about dietary supplements. I personally take a multivitamin and I know in many cases it’s challenging to get adequate amounts of certain nutrients at the levels we need, especially calcium and vitamin D. However, your comments about the lack of nutrients in our food supply is right out of the MLM playbook. Sales reps are often trained to undermine the confidence in real food…otherwise, why would so many supplements be needed!l That’s such a common sales technique, but it doesn’t really hold water.
    In reality, food contains such a beautiful matrix of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and natural compounds that there’s no way it can all be captured in a pill. And as Carol says above, countless studies have documented that the same level of protection is NOT shown with supplements. I personally think the path to better health is paved with real food, not pills and potions. Sometimes people get so caught up in taking a regimen of supplements every day that they feel like they’re off the hook and pay less attention to what they eat.

    My other BIG problem with the Trump Network is that I firmly believe any diagnostic test should be conducted by a qualified health professional, and not a sales rep who is financially motivated by the results. I agree that “one size doesn’t fit all” when it comes to nutrition. But Trump doesn’t have the answer with his questionable urine analysis, “customized” supplements and fake-food fad diet.

  • Wow! This is great! Sure you will have plenty of naysayers (and dreamstealers), that’s part of healthy debate. The big picure is what is exciting–the company hasn’t even launched with national advertising yet, and you have lively pro and con debates on multiple forums. This is great free advertising. Plenty of people who never heard of this will now go research on their own, and many of those will get it –both the nutritional boon, and the business opportunity. Those who don’t will sit on the sidelines and continue to boo and be passed by. Plenty of nutritionists, dietitians, physicians and other health care professionals are seeing the value and opportunity presented by the Trump Network. I am not the least worried about the credibility of the products or the business model. Speaking of that, other MLMs such as Pampered Chef and Mary Kaye are considered to be great companies and not “schemes”. It certainly won’t be for everyone. Those who need a boss telling them what to do won’t want in — you need to be self-reliant and independent to be successful in this business. This debate only confirms to me how big this is going to be. You don’t hear anyone talking about “Quickstar” (the new name for Amway that is being aggressively advertised on the national media).

  • I agree with you 100%! I cannot imagine that many would trust him as a source, especially at that price. As a medical professional I also have a serious gripe with anyone providing nutritional advice that is not qualified. I recently overheard a conversation in a health food store between a customer (elderly woman) and a male employee. She was asking him what type of tea she should drink to regulate her blood sugar, and he was giving telling her which tea she should purchase. So this extends beyond wealthy influencers into many realms, and is always wrong none the less.

  • Jasper

    Quite often, the things you read on sites like this are no different than scribblings on the men’s room wall. First of all you obviously group everything in the network marketing world as a ponzi scheme, or a pyramid. Do you even know what a ponzi scheme really is? Second, there is constant verbiage about Donald Trump giving nutritional advice. What a laugh. The qualified people who were part of this company long before Donald Trump came on board are the ones giving the advise. Not some financially motivated sales person. It doesn’t matter whether you like Trump or not. This business will take off initially because of Trump, but then because of the products themselves. But you know what really is something to take in? It’s when you look at the bloggers who as they sit and read this for the first time, start giving their opinion. Opinions based on mindless chatter. Oh, I guess this is wear we get back to the men’s ( or women’s) room wall. You may say” these people are experts in their field”. Experts can take a vacation from research just like anyone else and start relying on their titles to support their uneducated responses. But the real reason these sites exist…it’s for controversy. So let’s keep it going…tag, your it.

  • Janet

    I think you’re missing the point. I have no trouble with MLM in general. But I wish the sales people would stick with makeup and kitchen gadgets. I think there’s a big difference between giving someone advice on the right shade of lipstick and providing a diagnostic test to evaluate someone’s health — and then sell dietary supplements. These sales people are not qualified to assess the health of the individuals they’re selling to. It’s not simply about wasting money, these mail-order tests you’re selling could prevent someone from going to see a qualified medical or nutrition professional to get the care they really need.
    No, my site does not exist for controversy. It’s about EDUCATION.
    I’m obviously not going to convince you of anything, but I hope others will choose to get their nutrition advice from a registered dietitian and not a Trump Network disciple.

  • Jonz

    I consider this article to be misleading, misguided and ill-informed. Before writing anything about anyone or anything the writer should do research. First, network marketing has been around for decades. It’s a viable method of “doing business” and if anyone would stop and take an honest look they’d realize they actively “network market” everyday – it’s just that some people happen to get paid directly for it. So, what. Big deal. I’m glad my best friend can make a living at Mary Kay, or Noevir, or Amway. It’s great. All these companies provide quality products, in fact, far superior to what can be bought in corporate department stores, of which, by the way, someone there is certainly capitalizing on everyday purchase. As for nutritional advances – check your resources, do some decent research, discover that your world is changing around you and people need solutions – chronic illness, long term illness, obesity, diabetes, childhood ailment and disease are on the rise. At least there are socially conscious, scientific minded people out there seeking answers to these problems. What’s it going to hurt to listen and check it out for yourself? If you haven’t yet, then you have no platform to speak against. As for Trump’s network, I highly doubt that any one of the “disciples” – as you so disrespectfully make comment – have any intention of playing “doc”. They don’t need to – they are simply bringing an awareness to people who want to care about their health about something that could be of help to them. These Trump angels are helping those in the field of nutrition to get to people who may otherwise be unable to afford a nutritionist or environmental doctor. Most health insurances do not include these types of medical services in health policies. You fail to mention the fact that the Trump product has been disbursed through nutritionist and chiropractor offices over the past 12 years… now, because of Don Trump, Americans have access sooner and can be affordably helped.

    If your site is about Education, then I’d suggest that you share educated opinion and comment. In fact, I believe your site borders on the edge of defamation of character and slander. So, sad, that you would choose to tear down, rather than build up, especially when there is testimony contrary to your statements. Oh, by the way – Quackwatch – – the writer of this site was thrown out of court for his unfounded claims against Ideal Health. Again, if you’d done your research you would have known this, and therefore would not have chosen to not include this comment in your opinionated article.

  • great post so great that you did this lol Rebecca

  • Ross Kennedy, Dietetic Intern

    Bring on the magic little pills that are going to cure every ailment known to man. Of course the people who study these things and read articles about studies don’t know anything at all.

    It’s just like hearing in a class that CNCs are more qualified Nutritionists than DIetitians with their 6 week crash course compared to a minimum of a Bachelors PLUS an Internship to take the exam and be required to show proof of continuously educating ourselves every 5 years. No we just wasted 5+ years discussing nutrition but we really didn’t learn anything.

  • Shelley A. Rae, MS RD LD

    Stunning that some people here would think that Janet, or most registered dietitian who are indeed nutrition experts, would place a post such as this without doing her homework or research.

    Having just presented on dietary supplements yesterday, I explicitly state that there is NO SCIENTIFIC evidence to place one particular brand of supplement as superior over another , and strongly recommend to my clients to not fall for a particular NAME by being mislead into thinking that they are superior. The only thing these big NAME supplements will be better at than the ones I get at my regular big box store is at draining their bank accounts. Consumer Lab consistently reports on independent testing of supplements that are tainted, containing things that are not labeled, or not containing what the label states.

    Additionally, there is little-no SCIENTIFIC evidence to state that a urine test would be able to tell anyone what vitamins or minerals one would need. When people have told me that they have done a urine or hair test, most of the time I have been able to predict what the report will state even before the test has been conducted.

    Dietary supplements are far different from eye shadow or pizza stone. People not only put these things in their mouth, they assume that they will help them and not harm them. In an unregulated industry, people put these items in their mouth at their own risk. With that, I mean ANY dietary supplement.

    As with anything that sounds too good to be true…it probably is. Oh, yes in our profession which take 5-8 years of education, we make great friends and network with each other. We don’t need to be part of a MLM to do that. We put health and WELLNESS first, not health and wealth… THAT is a win/win, when we are not making our clients/patients buy mutliple products to obtain their wellness.

  • Winston

    Wow. You don’t think Debra is biased do you? She had everything to gain with all of her “claims” but no real meat. All high level, unsubstantiated claims that benefit her product. Janet, thank you for revealing this scam for what it is. Healthy food, healthy lifestyle not some get well quick schemes that have been going on for decades and take advantage of those who are not informed. The American way of the easy way out is how these companies exist. Let’s be honest, America isn’t fat because they don’t know restaurant calorie counts. They are are fat because they eat high calorie food and snacks. You don’t need special supplements to lose weight.

  • Candice West, RD, LDN

    While urine tests may be able to determine levels of certain trace minerals and select vitamins in individuals with normal kidney function, fat-soluble vitamin (specifically A, E, D and K) levels in the urine are not an accurate representation of what is actually going on in the body. The excretion of these vitamins is not proportional to intake or absorption.

    In addition, urine should not be used as a predictor of chronic nutritional status. Even for acute nutritional status, other nutrient levels in the urine may be affected by current oral intake, fluid consumption or even physical activity. And, for individuals with certain diseases, nutrient levels may be falsely elevated in the urine despite deficiency.

  • Larry

    It seems that the snake oil salesman is alive and well in the 21st century.

  • Steve

    Why do you think Janet keeps removing lefty’s comments? Has he/she exposed Janet’s bias?

  • AnneZ

    Are you kidding? “Donald Trump is the most accomplished businessman of our times?” That is not true by any yard stick. None. He is not even the most accomplished TV personality. Nor the most accomplished real estate mogul. Certainly not the most accomplished casino exec.

    A starry eyed devotion to his brand does not lend a lot of credibility to a defense of his new marketing scheme. One thing we know he’s not is an altruistic humanitarian. He is in the vitamin biz to make money, not to bring health to the masses. That’s a good starting point when evaluating his product line.

  • Kudos to all my colleagues!! You all sound so professional. Notice how crazy, irrational and emotional all the supporters of this product sound. Not one of them has posted with poise or knowledge. Why is it that because people eat, they think they know something about nutrition?

  • Jonathan

    I am not a nutrition expert, but here is my take on all of this based on my research.

    I think the word Trump is clouding the issue here. His name is for business purposes only. The company that sells the products that will be sold by the Trump Network is Ideal Health which has been around for 12 years. I look at the products to be sold, and listen to the words of the nutrition experts here, and I feel there is a disconnect.

    Not everybody goes to a nutritionist for a diet plan, whether they actually need it or not. And, not every diet plan works for everybody. I lost 30 pounds without any special diet – I changed my eating habits to more healthy foods and now exercise regularly. But that discipline doesn’t work for everyubody, and in those cases what’s the alternative – just sit and become more unhealthy?

    I feel the Trump/ideal Health products being sold compete against the same sort of products sold at a pharmacy or grocery store, or from other on,ine companies or infomercials. There are diet drinks, bars, meal plans, etc, sold by a multitude of companies. Although there is no “proof” that a urine test can make a perfect designer vitamin, take a look at the formulated vitamins on the shelves today. Centrum has many versions of their vitamins with many different formulations (for active people, over 50, etc) based on what I assume is research of the median person in the group the vitamin is designed for. Why not a urine test? Maybe the vitamin that comes from it will be tweaked a little more for me as opposed to me purchasing from the shelf. Yes it’s more expensive – if it’s out of reach financially I just won’t purchase it.

    It’s one thing to talk about life or death medications for cancer, etc. But these are wellness products that already have stiff competition from a multitude of sources. This isn’t rocket science. Read the Trump Network website along with the Ideal health products again. It certainly doesn’t read to me like they’re trying to change the world. It’s another set of dietary supplements to assist those who might otherwise have nothing to help.

    Just as those who say if these products were so great, why aren’t they wroldwide and why isn’t eveyrbody healthy? The same goes for nutritionists, fitness experts, etc. people will seek out the help they need for a variety of reasons. I don’t believe I’ve read that any of these products are life threatening and will kill you. So why all the upraora? Does the nutritional field actually think the Trump Network will take away their business and thus feel it helps to spray negative comments before it’s even launched? I’ve read good/bad things about almost every diet plan etc whether it come from a nutritionist or not. Why? Becuase every buman body is unique and there is no such thing as one size fits all. Maybe these products are the best “off the shelf” products that can help an individual.

  • Jonathan

    An adendum to my last post:

    In no way am I making light of nutritionists and the scholling necessary to become one. If I have offended anyone I apologize. The general point I was trying to make is there are different methods for people to be healthy (and of course many people choose none of those methods). For me, I was able to adjust my eating habits and bring regular exercise into my regime. But it took discipline which not everybody has.

    Many people will look to the internet or stores to find a way to be healthy, as it’s another choice. Not everybody will get a nutritionist. For those who don’t seek nutritionists or have the discipline to make change on their own, from what I’ve read I have yet to see how the Trump Network is anything more than competing against the many like products already on the market. I have read enough pros/cons to almost any diet/health method that exists and have yet to find one that is “perfect”.

    I believe Donald Trumps reason for branding Ideal Health’s products is for profit first. He’s making more people on a global scale aware of these products as he has resources far and beyond anything Ideal Health could have done, and he obviously sees an opportunity. There is an influx of media on the unhealthiness of humans as a whole – and I truly don’t see these products much different than anything else I see on the shelves of stores today. Sure it’s being touted as a breakthruugh with the “designer” vitamins (although it’s been around for years but only in tight circles), but with all this talk of proof and evidence, I haven’t seen any proof that any of these products are basely dangerous to the human body. Maybe (and I stress maybe) they are not as beneficial as advertising may lead people to believe, but first of all who really knows, and secondly this is what marketing is all about. I see ads for “light” beer, “light” cigarettes, both proven products detrimental to your health. But vitamins and nutrition bars, etc? I don’t see such a negative as these may give people an otherwise healthy start becuase it may be the only method convenient to them – better than doing absolutely nothing.

  • Cardiology

    I think Trump and his MLM associates are treading in some seriously dangerous waters. I prescribe drugs and the truth is, we have no idea how these supplements will interact with other medications because they are not studied, approved or regulated by the FDA. The #1 Rule of medicine is DO NO HARM!

  • Anonymous

    Darla Barclay 10.25.09 at 11:42 am [edit]
    Your article on Trump Health was so timely! I bought into the scheme, ordering the $500 starter pack, and luckily tried the foods and read the labels before selling to anyone else. What a bunch of junk! The foods are terrible, the drinks gagworthy (I had to brush my teeth for 10 minutes to get rid of the disgusting taste), the vitamins have less nutrients than One a Day cheap brand at the drugstore. And he claims the diet program is not really expensive because “remember it replaces your normal foods.” Really? How many single people spend $1325 per month for food? It’s hard to believe with all his money he didn’t try the products first and refine them. As is, there is no way they can get repeated business – who in the world would pay so much to get such hideous products amd then . . . keep doing it (re-ordering)? That leaves the only true reason to do this at all – multi-level earnings. As my upline manager said to me “we’re really selling the opportunity, not the food.” Isn’t that the very definition of Ponzi? Don’t you have to sell the product first to escape that legal label? Sorry, Donald, this time YOU”RE fired!

  • Sparkle

    Sounds like you have a personal problem. You’re article is not objective and perhaps you are perpetuating some of the misinformation you claim your site is trying to help with. It’s a business opportunity in this economic climate. Nutritional MLMs have worked and can be done responsibly. It’s a particularly tough regulatory climate to start an endeavor like this. Given his name, I’d assume that he would get the best Quality Control/Assurance folks he can hire to navigate FDA requirements. The industry is rapidly becoming more regulated globally.

    I think your argument is really one sided. In the age of mass layoffs, foreclosures and no access to healthcare, perhaps the message of taking charge of your own health works. People can not afford nutritionists. Heck, they barely have a place to live and food to eat.

    If his business starts to generate supporters, I hope that you learn to be more objective when writing about it. It’s not just the owners of the business you hurt. You hurt the people who are struggling to make money in a broken economic and health care system. The best thing to do is to guide them from a false cures or claims and help them help their customers pick the most sound products in the product line to focus their business on.

  • Gary Guest

    If you want to be a credible source of information, don’t quote from Quackwatch.

    • Raid

      This message is addressed to Cardiology,

      The reason you don’t know about nutrition is that nutritional knowledge was not required for you to be a Cardiologist.

      You probably think that Cholesterol is linked to heart disease, and prescribe dangerous statin drugs to people instead of DO NO HARM, you are out there harming people. Did your Pharmacology only training not tell you about the results of the research done by Dr McCully at Harvard University, which by the way the Pharamcutical industry tried to suppress as it was conflicting wth their marketing, that there is NO relationship between cardiovascular disease and Cholesterol!

      The truth is if you knew what you were doing you’d first be giving people a homocysteine test, and also testing for Mercury in the body. You would then work on the root cause of problems, and not selling dangerous drugs. You probably also have know knowledge of L-Arginine which you should be giving all your patients, which by the way received a Nobel prize for medicine. So don’t try to preach DO NO HARM until you understand the harm you are inflicting on people daily because of your lack on nutritional knowledge.
      The tenant SAY NO TO DRUGS applies to so called legal and illegal drugs.

  • Gary Guest

    Cardiology- no doubt you help people but your drug approach to “Healing” does plenty of harm.

    Drug-related morbidity and mortality. A cost-of-illness model.
    Johnson JA, Bootman JL.

    Center for Pharmaceutical Economics, College of Pharmacy, University of Arizona, Tucson, USA.
    Comment in:

    Arch Intern Med. 2000 Nov 27;160(21):3189.
    BACKGROUND: Preventable drug-related morbidity and mortality represent a serious medical problem that urgently requires expert attention. The costs to society of the misuse of prescription medications, in terms of morbidity, mortality, and treatment, can be immense. To date, research has primarily documented increased rates of hospitalization secondary to medication noncompliance and/or adverse drug effects. OBJECTIVES: To develop a conceptual model of drug-related morbidity and mortality, and to estimate the associated costs in the ambulatory setting in the United States. METHODS: A probability pathway model was developed to estimate the cost of drug-related morbidity and mortality in the United States. Pharmacist practitioners were surveyed to determine conditional probabilities of therapeutic outcomes owing to drug therapy. Health care utilization and associated costs owing to negative therapeutic outcomes were estimated. RESULTS: Drug-related morbidity and mortality was estimated to cost $76.6 billion in the ambulatory setting in the United States. The largest component of this total cost was associated with drug-related hospitalizations. When assumptions of the model were varied, the estimated cost ranged from a conservative estimate of $30.1 to $136.8 billion in a worst-case scenario. CONCLUSIONS: The cost of drug-related morbidity and mortality in the ambulatory setting in the United States is considerable and should be considered in health policy decisions with regard to pharmaceutical benefits. Policies and services should be developed to reduce and prevent drug-related morbidity and mortality.

  • brian

    Thanks for this article and all the comments. My sister has bought in and is gungho about it and wants me to get in but I was very reluctant. Now there is no way I would get into it. First, I know I am not a salesman. 2nd, this sounds like a bunch of junk. thanks again. I hope my sister makes a killing. She is even going to the launch party in Miami. But I will stay out of it.

  • Gary Guest

    Opinions, misinformation, blah ,blah ,blah. You will all have to wait to be educated and will be, before Thanksgiving. By then 300 million people will get the story from Mr. Trump himself on Oprah, Larry King Live, The view, Time, Newsweek. When he tells Larry King to get his family tested and get involved you can be the only ones still denying the facts. Ideal health has been making these functional urine tests based on the fact that improper Nitrate levels in the urine are markers for NO2 pathways having to do with how our cells use NO2 to destroy pathogenic cells. Altered levels indicate that Immune System nutrients would need adjusting in the formula. How well do you know your NO2 metabolic pathways? Sulphates a marker for Liver detoxification pathways and lipid peroxidase is a marker of free radical damage and helps customize the supplement to have proper antioxidant levels. People are so sick from being on 10-12 Rx drugs in this country because blood and urine tests indicate the “need” and Dosage of these crisis care “medicines”. Then a functional urine testing comes along that can actually clear the confusion that most people have about what vitamins to take and you say it can’t be done. How do nutritionists and Dietitians base their recommendations on? Laboratory testing? These tests have cost Olympic Gold medalists and movie stars $1800 to take the test and then $100’s to be on this program. Shame on you Donald Trump for using your buying power to bring the test prices down to less than $90 and the monthly cost of custom nutrition down to $50 per person per month. None of you are rich enough or well connected enough to know that these tests have been used by the elite of our society and none of you are have the buying power to reset the price point like he has. Ideal Health has helped these elite for over ten years, Medimetrix lab has a solid reputation for 20 years and HVL Laboratories are one of the top intenational companies with it’s US company, Douglas Labs, being a 50 year old company. Douglas Labs used to only sell products to doctors with a licence and were marked up by doctors by 100%.
    Now because of the Donald the ave. Joe can pee in a cup,(no doctor required) send it into the lab and get a custom formulation that would blow away any Nutritional analysis that some MD, Nutritionist or Dietitian could ever formulate. Basically if you are in the Nutrition industry and are not using these tests you will still be guessing like most people do when they stand at their morning sink and try to decide, What should I take today, the clear yellow ones or the white and blue ones. Stop using your damn initials behind your names to give advice way out of your league. At least Check out the companies before you blab on with your opinions and misinformation. So Brian , don’t give your sister any hassles and jump on board and you can make more cash and help more people by getting them to scientific, intelligent supplementation that works. Retest every 6- 12 months and see if it needs adjusting, one size don’t fit all!

  • Raid

    Great art, glad you pointed out the Quackwatch reference.

    Quackwatch is a well known front for the Pharmaceutical industry, and of course the drug pusher doctors will support quackwatch. Quackwatch only go after the companies that the Pharmacutical industry see as a threat to their drug business.

    So this is a great reverse endorsment for Donald!
    If you do the research you’ll find Quackwatch and its fake assesments have been taken to court many times and lost for false accusations, as by the way have the FDA.

    Great Job!

  • Raid

    This is for you self called nutritionists!

    Instead of casting doubt on this, I don’t hear any of you standing up against the H1N1 flu vaccines or any vaccines for that manner, and where are you shouting out how Vitamin d3 can offer protection against swine flu!

    Come on people, can we get back to integrity and honesty when it comes to health. Everybody needs to form their own opinion about health issues, and realize that our creator gave us a wonderful thing called the immune system which when in great shape can protect the body from anything. Drugs work for the most part AGAINST the immune system, Nutrition SUPPORTS the immune system.

    This is why people who are winning against deseases such as Cancer do it nutritionally or using processes that support the immune system, and those that are using Chemo are poisioning the immune system. (And by the way, the FDA has chased most of these companies outside the USA because they dont sell drugs!)

    Chemo has a 95% failure rate, ( People surviving more than 5 yrs after Chemo) what happened to the DO NO HARM!

  • cardiology


    Thank you for maintaing this forum.
    Some of these comments function as a desperate sales push, are defensive and inappropriately aggressive.
    The bottom line is that there are no randomized control clinical trials to support the Trump diet. This means there is no scientific evidence to support the exorbitant cost behind the purchase.

  • raid


    Yes, I’d like to second that and thank you for maintaining the forum to support truth and unbiased opinion as well as the biased ones.
    For too long we have folks who believe that because they are paid to prescribe drugs they hold the truth to knowledge in medicine. Lets not forget conventional medicine is only very new, and that traditional treatments have been around for thousands of years. The true practitioner embraces knowledge of all approaches, and looks at the body holistically, as do many of our integrative colleagues, that use the depth of knowledge to select the right prescription for health, not just based on an single narrow domain of understanding, Pharmacology.

    To suggest that some drug company, that not only created a drug for profit, but also provided the clinical test results, somehow makes the prescription the only right approach is ridiculus.

    Far beit for me to say any particular nutrition is right for any particular individual, which is why a personalized test driven custom approach is far superior and certainly less prone to damage to the human environment than many pharmaceuticals which invariably come with unwanted side effects many very serious. (Just read the accompanying notes!)

    Physicians with multimodal knowledge are best placed to trade off pharmaceuticals vs natural approaches. Such cardiologists like Stephen Sinatra, and his ilk can perhaps inspire others to extend their breadth of knowledge and evolve.

    But are we just playing with symptoms here, if we really want to understand the body and its needs, perhaps we should go back and look at Pasteur, and consider that Beauchamp actually had it right, that the key to health comes from within and our cells act in a pleomorphic environment, (excellent book by philosopher Douglas Humer) which by the way Pasteur acquiesced to on his deathbed. Others such as Naessans that endorsed these theories provide us with significant knowledge and practical results based treatments.

    Its not a matter as to how nutrition interacts with drugs that is the issue, its how much damage drugs are doing to our bodies natural ability to take care of itself. The value of nutrition is in supporting the immune system and biological health.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, can I suggest if any of this seems alien to you, study. Education will set you free.

  • Mikey

    So…I’d like to hear some professionals comment on Gary Guest’s post describing the efficacy and importance of the Nitrate/Sulfate components of the Privatest. Is this established science, and are these levels as found in urine significant in any way?

    I bought in as a marketer months ago, but havent done anything to grow into the network and make money…Im still on the fence and thats why Im here reading and listening.

    Oh, One thing I did learn is that the nutritional drinks that came with my initial kit were disgusting! However, the “generic” vitamin caps I got did seem to make me feel better. I havent sent in my privatest yet…but I paid for it so I might as well see what happens with my “customized vitamins”….

  • Tessa

    The previous comments are all very interesting, I personal enjoy reading all of the opionions/comments even if they don’t align with mine.

    I would however like to comment on a couple of points..
    In all the reading I didn’t see anything mentioned about the lab or the formulary who holds the exclusive contract to Ideal Health/Trump Networks products. For those who are interested in doing there own research the lab can be found here – Metametrix is a world renowned lab known for it’s testing capabilities and advanced technologies. For more info on the formulary you can find this info here Both of these companies are more than qualified so I find it hard to believe that so many folks are against the idea that this “customized” supplements aren’t even worth a little consideration. Ideal Health has been around succesfully for over 12 years and quite honestly have an impressive reputation.. yes there are a couple of articles from folks that were unhappy but.. if you “google” any company and compare the results this company is like I said very impressive.. I would put my money on Ideal Health.

    Someone earlier mentioned FDA (and I believe this was a health professional) ?? it is my understanding (please correct me if I am wrong) that the FDA does NOT regulate supplements and in fact supplements are “governed” by DSHEA which congress passed in 1994, and in 2004 congress passed the “AER Bill” to help protect consumers. There is quite a bit of misinformation regarding this subject. I would challenge those that mentioned FDA regulations to go to the drug store and look at say.. a very common brand Nature Made products.. look for any FDA approved stamp – you won’t find it. In fact what you will find is a a statemtent saying that thse have not been evaluated by the FDA… You will find a USP stamp which simply means that it was produced under United States Pharmacopeial standards. For more info

    It is true that many people are in need of supplementation because we just don’t get enough in our daily diets for numerous reasons. I like the idea of being tested before supplementing.. this just makes sense at least for me. I have seen even well respected doctors prescribe vitamins.. but honestly without testing isn’t it really just a placebo? In the end if the vitamin is a quality vitamin.. then what’s the harm really? I would rather someone spend the dollars on these products than half the stuff I see on store shelves.. ie., starbucks, redbull, amp.. wouldn’t you?

    It’s not about Donald Trump.. it’s about the fact that he with his business skill and marketing ability can offer Ideal Health a way to market these amazing products here in the US and soon Worldwide. – how many of you (business owners) would turn down the opportunity to partner with Donald Trump… honestly?
    Best of success and Health to all.

  • meg

    I don’t know if the Trump Network will be a success or not..only time will tell! But,I do find it
    great that a urine test is offered by them ,(to find vitamin,mineral deficiencies), at a bargain price of under $100.00. I had a urine test done,(for around $1000.00), which revealed severe vitamin B and other deficiencies, that hadn’t been diagnosed by three previous Doctor’s and other lab tests. This was addressed and supplemented, and I’ve improved from SEVERE fatigue,that had plagued me for several years and sleeping great,without any medication. So,I for one,believe in these urine tests and so does one of my friends,who went thru this type of testing and also is much better. We are all different in our lifestyle,eatng habits, one vitamin supplement doesn’t fit all! Sometimes,we learn best,by experience and I’ve learned that it’s better to do a urine test and see what your body lacks or needs. rather then take a one size fits all supplement! 🙂


  • Need Health

    Tessa and Raid it was interesting to see how there were no professionals’ response to your posts. Think that says alot.

  • Tessa

    That’s exactly why I chose to buy the custom vitamins and eventually the business – one size doesn’t fit all.

    Also a personal story – my sister-in-law recently went to a local Doctor for female cycle issues. She was diagnosed to have a “thickened endometrial stripe, and pre-menopause” mind you she is 24. The doctor then recommended some vitamins so curiously I asked her first and foremost did the Doctor test for anything specific to lead to her recommendation of vitamins; and which ones did she recommend? Below I will post the email dialogue and recommendation from a well known doctor in our area.. see below –
    (the vitamins listed below are what the Doctor recommended, and sold her for over $275 bucks worth)
    >>>>>>> copied from email<<<<<<<>>>>>
    The end result of my dialogue with my sister-in-law was that she decided to do the testing for Estrogen levels and for custom multivitamin.. when here analysis arrives I will ask her if we can share it with the folks on this board.

    If anyone would like more information – I am happy to answer to the best of my ability (or connect you with someone who can) any and all questions.

    Healthy eating and comon sense,

  • Tessa

    Sorry folks – here is the email and vitamin’s recommended.

    Okay now I am even more curious..

    Please help me to understand how any of these vitamins will help you with your concern of endometrial stripe thickening or concern or early menopause???

    Vitamin C: antioxidant, scurvy (from poor diet) pretty basic to understand it’s benefits
    Fish Oil: Cholesterol, depression, joint pain, heart disease
    Calcium: bone health
    Multi – w/Iron: How long ago did you have blood drawn to determine you needed iron?
    Vitamin D: bone loss, rickets.. not enough daylight (natural sources include fish oil.. so are you doubling up.. to much is not good?)

    As far as I can tell.. these are very common forms of vitamins but not specifically targeted vitamins for any of the symptoms or conditions you mentioned.. I am very confused and really believe this is a “placebo” (A placebo is a sham medical intervention intended to lead the recipient to believe that the intervention may improve his/her condition. …) I believe this because any person can benefit from taking these same vitamins but none of which directly affect your symptoms or condition as understood by me. This is why I believe the benefits of testing are so important.. know what you need before you take anything.. just my thoughts..

  • Higgs boson

    Ideal Health MLM drones are everywhere!!!
    Geez! It’s like “Body Snatchers” only they all have Trump’s head!

    As disturbing as it is, thanks for the enlightening venue Janet.

  • meg

    Tessa…..Some people just don’t and wont, get it….but I hope enough will,to help make a success of your new venture. I personally believe that nutrician is the key to good health. People think they are eating right, but for various reasons their bodies don’t absorb all the vitamins and minerals they’re eating and therefore they need supplements. This holds true for my daughter and I.
    I’ve read thet, “If the Doctor’s of today, don’t become Nutricianists,…….then the Nutricianists of today, will be the Doctor’s of tomorrow”.
    Good luck!

  • cardiology

    The trump diet / silhouette solution is very expensive. Given there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support their nutritional supplements via priva test will do anything positive for you, it is a costly gamble to sign up for this program.

  • Cardiology,
    Wouldn’t you agree that a very common procedure like the Lap-Band surgery is “expensive”, comes with it’s own set of possible side effects, including death.. and it is NOT always effective and comes with a hefty price tag of 30K – 40K? I personally believe that the cost might be expensive to someone like myself, who doesn’t need weight loss but to my best friend.. she would pay any amount after years of trying many “diets” that didn’t work. It’s a personal issue. A tall vanilla latte at Starbucks is $4.25 …I find that expensive not to mention unhealthy yet millions of people purchase these every day. Have you tried any of these products for yourself? I would be happy to send you a sample.. the pomegranite bar and the vanilla shake…my favorite!

  • Bryan Pearson

    Janet, I was referred to your comments about Ideal Health and the Trump Network. Since most of your information references Quackwatch and Dr. Stephen Barrett I thought your readers should hear from both sides.

    Here is a letter to Dr. Barrett from Denise Autrey, RN, CCN and Director of Clinical Services with Ideal Health (now Trump Network) in response. This rebuttal is posted on Ideal Health’s website. Here is the link

    Lastly, Donald Trump certainly does not need me to defend him but I don’t recall ever hearing him claim to be a nutritionist. He is a smart business man who understands the value of his brand. I do not believe Donald Trump would put his name on a product until it had passed scrutenizing evaluation of effectiveness, consumer value and marketability.

    Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to post this. It is my hope that your readers will gain a more thorough understanding of Ideal Health’s mission and the effectiveness of the tests in helping individuals learn about their own bodies’ nutritional health concerns.

  • Bryan Pearson

    For those of you who are taking health advice – particularly with regard to this subject, on the merits of this site, it would be advisable to know the source cited by Janet above and elsewhere on this website: namely Stephen Barrett of Quackwatch. Those who do will quickly find out that Barrett does not have the credentials or education to be a credible source. Stephen Barrett is a retired psychiatrist who spends his time zealously propagandizing against any alternative approaches to health care, including functional medicine and nutritional supplementation. On his website Barrett regularly takes aim at any therapy that does not meet his narrow definition of medicine.

    One of Barrett’s anti health-choice activities is to frequently file libel lawsuits against non-conventional health care practitioners, manufacturers and publishers. He testified in court to filing lawsuits against at least forty individuals, prevailing in none. In fact, in a recent court case in California (which he lost) a panel of judges declared him biased and unworthy of credibility. No surprise.

    In 2004 Barrett took aim at Ideal Health’s flagship Privatest as Janet references above in her article and at Metametrix Clinical Lab in Atlanta which he calls “a lab that caters to chiropractors and other offbeat health professionals”. Contrary to Barrett’s obviously off-the-cuff statement, over 80% of the licensed healthcare professionals who use MetaMetrix are MDs and DOs.

    Barrett focuses on companies that are attempting to bring preventive-health options to consumers and trying to give people an opportunity tobecome a pro-active partner in their own health. On the subject of health It is irresponsible, dangerous even to promote an uninformed opinion as fact. I hope you will choose your sources a little more carefully, Janet, I’m sure the folks at Ideal Health would gladly give you as much factual information as you need, just as they offered to give old uh.. you known who. Quack!

  • Janet

    Thanks for your message. But please realize that I did not base my entire comments on Stephen Barrett, I simply included a link to his site. Anyway, it doesn’t really help your case to attack the credentials of someone who criticizes you. The letter you sent in your earlier post from your director of clinical services at the Trump Network is nearly 10 years old. Don’t you have any more recent evidence to support the claims you’re making? Even in that letter, there’s no scientific evidence that you presented that demonstrates the effectiveness of the PrivaTest. I understand what you’re saying it does, but I don’t see the evidence that these “metabolic markers” are indeed measured and, more importantly, do they truly represent health status. And if there was a health concern, is a dietary supplement the answer? And can a dietary supplement make an impact? The letter from your director was a long rambling of quasi-scientific mumbo jumbo, yet fell short of providing any solid support for your claims. As you say in your last post…”it is irresponsible, dangerous even to promote an uninformed opinion as fact.” Couldn’t agree more. That’s why I think people should get their nutrition advice from a qualified professional and base their preventive-health care on solid scientific evidence.

  • Bryan Pearson

    Hi Janet, Thanks for the response and for the opportunity to clarify.

    It seems we agree more than otherwise, however you appear to under the misconception that the Trump Network reps conduct testing and analysis or are somehow assessing people’s general health status. In your words: “My other BIG problem with the Trump Network is that I firmly believe any diagnostic test should be conducted by a qualified health professional, and not a sales rep” and “These sales people are not qualified to assess the health of the individuals they’re selling to” and “That’s why I think people should get their nutrition advice from a qualified professional and base their preventive-health care on solid scientific evidence.” This is not so. Firstly, reps are not paid to sell the any of the tests and do not earn money for doing so. Secondly, specimens are Fedex’d to Metametrix Clinical Lab in Atlanta where they are analyzed for the intended purpose by professionals using the most advanced technology, methodology and quality assurance. FYI, Metametrix is recognized worldwide as a leader in nutritional, metabolic and toxicant testing, functions as a reference provider for other clinical laboratories and performs testing for research institutions in the study of influence of nutrients and toxicities on health. These are the qualified professionals you asked about. The marketing reps never touch any of this. If health or nutritional advice is offered by reps – and I’m sure some do, it’s done more as a personal testimony rather than due to any financial incentive. Even if the customer decides to go on the vitamins there’s just not enough money in it. The income is generated through selling the business opportunity. You’d get more advice from the $8/hr clerks at GNC.

    Now, the Priva Test marketed by the Trump Network is a scaled down in home kit version of the ION (Individual Optimal Nutrition) developed at Metametrix, which (the Priva Test) measures compounds in urine representing end products of metabolism from three critical biochemical pathways. And yes Janet they do actually measure these 🙂 Urinary Lipid Peroxides, Nitrates and Sulfates. Detailed information including references is available about how these compounds/markers are affected by general micronutriant status and how assessment utilizing the Priva Test yeilds information about the nutritional needs of an individual as compared to established norms. It gets a bit technical but here it is.
    For anyone interested, Metametrix provides a great deal of resources on the subject at and Also at

    Please, don’t misunderstand me. I understand that a proper diet is the first line of good nutritional health and there is no substitute for it. The facts are that 90% of Americans are deficient in some nutrients. Admitedly this is due in large to the types and quality of foods consumed which do not supply adequate nutrients but it is still a major health issue. We don’t have any magic pills or cures for what ails you. The Trump Network products simply offer a high quality, safe, convenient and scientifically proven way for indivduals to learn about their own bodies so that they can then take a proactive role if they choose in establishing good baseline nutrition and better health for themselves. How can you be against that?

    It’s been fun, now I need to get back to work. Have a great day! Bryan

  • Diet and exercise is the only way. Supllements can help but you cannot rely on them alone. I would take supplements to help me lose weight and be healthier but eating those chocolate bars five times a day instead of normal meals sounds like a bit too much.

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  • I researched this extensively. First off I read every thing I could find for scientific evidence that customized vitamins provide a better nutritional value. The Ideal heath website lists several organizations or universities it claim researched its products. I went to each and every one of these organizations and could fund no record of any study of customized nutrition and none of the organizations endorse any products. Most had done research in nutrition but none that backs up ideal health / Trump Network claims.

    Next, since there is not evidence to support the effectiveness of these products, anyone involved in marketing them for their health benefits is violating the law. I would worry about the ftc and the fda shutting this down. Note that ideal health and the trump network websites are carefully worded to not sell them for heath benefits. In fact I could find any benefits listed in their marketing material.

    Next I question how committed Donald is to marketing this product. There are 0 links to it from his website. He has links to his vodka though. Makes you wonder why he is keeping it at arms length.

    Last, I analyzed the numbers, what would be my roi. the minimum investment is $500, plus you must ,meet minimum volume of sales, add to your down-line, invest hours per week…. How many $60 bottles of vitamins I though I could sell.

    In the end I decided this was at the minimum a bad investment and at worse a scam.
    <a href =";

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  • Tracy

    The minimum investment is a $48 annual membership fee. Better “analyze the numbers” again.

  • Sharon

    I have to agree with some of your bloggers that you comments are very harsh about Donald Trump.
    People I find either love him or they don’t. I like to read his books because I am a business person.
    In “Why you Want to be Rich”(2007) coauthored by Robert Kiyosaki author of “Rich Dad PoorDad”
    The authors write about how the right Network Marketing company can creat wealth in tough economic times. So it apears as Donald Trump is just Branding a comapny. I’m sure he did his duedilligance prior to parterning with Ideal Health.
    I came accross the Custome Esentials vitamines before Donald Trump became involved. I took the Priva Test in my home with very specific instructions, emailed to me a few days before hand. FedX picked up my package and I had a report in about 30 days along with my customized vitamines. Well I love them. I used to feel poisioned from time to time. When I compaired what I was taking to what I take now there is a lot less of some nutrients and more of others. All I can say is my hair is no longer thinning my energy level is great and I no longer have 8 different vitamine bottles in my kitchen cabinet.
    The Trump Network just statred a new line of childrens snacks and when you order the starter sample kit it includes a book “Ending the Food Fight ” by Dr.David Ludwig,MD.Ph.D. who is a Harvard Grad. and director of the childhood obesity program at Children’s Hospital in Boston.
    I heard about the new productline because of my vitamine purchase. So I searched online and was able to read about Dr.Ludwig and his quest to fight childhood obesity. So my thoughts were that these products would be a good subitute for Chips and poweraid with my grandchildren one of which is chubby. Well the boys loved the snacks and the drinks.
    As a consumer and a busines person I think Donald Trump hit a home run.
    Like I said you either Love him or you don’t. Oh yes I am glad that he is hepling to create jobs in the United States . The lab is in Atlanta and Ideal Health is in Byfield MA.
    Janet maybe you shoud try the products and re-write your article based on your personal experience.See if your children like the sancks too.

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  • There are many physicians (of many disciplines) involved with Trump Network that would disagree with you regarding the science behind the product and the testing. Dr. Bralley, who leads Metametrix Labs, literally wrote the book on functional medicine. He, in fact, writes questions for the Registered Dietician board exams. The Trump Network also has on staff a Naturopathic Physician. His name is Dr. Macallan. Do a little due diligence. The business model of MLM is far from a pyramid. Pyramids are illegal. MLM has a bad reputation in general because lots of people get involved thinking it is a get rich quick scheme. There is no such thing. MLM requires hard work to see returns, just as in any business. It wasn’t too long ago that a similar business model had the same reputation. It is called franchising. Now you can’t drive more than a few blocks to see one of these businesses. MLM and Network Marketing are only going to grow. Trump Network will soon become the largest, most successful Network Marketing company the world has ever seen.

  • Paul


    What MLM are you working with?? Your posts are a complete waste of space.

  • Janet

    Paul, excuse me? I’m not working with any MLM, and if my posts are a complete waste of space, why are you visiting?
    As you’ll see in my masthead of Nutrition Unplugged — it’s about food news and views. These are my views and I’m entitled to them…just as you are to yours (whatever they may be). But if you don’t agree with me, you’re free not to visit my site, right? Or am I missing something?

  • Paul

    Does Donald Trump now think he’s a nutrition expert? Looks like The Donald’s next business venture is all about selling nutritional supplements and weight loss products. And he’s doing it through multilevel marketing (MLM), otherwise known as a pyramid scheme.


    Your post borders on slander imo. I suppose all these companies below are MLM pyramid
    schemes, or Ponzi schemes. You need to get educated better on the industry. In addition, quoting that fruitloop Barrett is another reason why I have a hard time thinking that you do not have an alterior motive for your comments. I find no FTC complaints on Ideal Health. Could you please post them? Is Warren Buffett also involved in a Ponzi scheme?? He is also involved in a Network Marketing Co. Did you know that??

  • Paul

    cardiology 11.08.09 at 3:19 pm

    Thank you for maintaing this forum.
    Some of these comments function as a desperate sales push, are defensive and inappropriately aggressive.
    The bottom line is that there are no randomized control clinical trials to support the Trump diet. This means there is no scientific evidence to support the exorbitant cost behind the purchase.

    And there are “randomized control clinical trials” to support Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystems………..Last I checked Weight Watchers gets 60% of their annual revuenue from MEETINGS!!! Is Weight Watchers a ripoff??? It’s a $55 Billion industry. Plenty of room for growth as long as people see results. Maybe you should look up Dr. George Blackburn who assisted in developing the “Trump Diet.” Bet you do an outstanding job prescribing drugs with this kind of research!!

  • odraude

    OMG! Someone just tried to get me to do this……and it was my ex boss.She actually came into my building after being layed off(fired).She said it was an amazing buisiness oppurtunity.Handed me the purple pamphlet.I knew it was a scheme and the way she went into “Sales” mode in her speaking was weird.Now I work in medical so I have paid attention through the years and one thing I learned is the false securities they put in advertising.There are kits that look like they are geared for men and other kits for women I.E. Estrogen test.Now at the bottom of the page in pamphlet it states in small light letters Custom Test series are not gender specific.? Well I am a guy.Why do I need to check my estrogen levels?????Also states in same tiny lettering that “These have not been approved by the FDA.These products are not intended to diagnose,treat,cure or PREVENT any disease.”So not really sure what thier usefulness is as they dont seem to do much.Another product is “QuikStik” described as MOOD INFUSION BEVERAGES which is advertised as natural energy then clearly is catergorized in the coffee industry.So natural energy can be described as caffeine? WOW! Also things like Guarna and all that plant extract crap can be manipulated into some new type of “NATURAL ENERGY” product and your none the wiser.Hint Dunkin Donuts has had this market for years.
    I am really embarrassed for my ex boss.She has a buisiness card attached to the brochure with her BSN,RN-BC,CACP next to her name.Then under says “Independent Marketer. and her home address is on it.So if you didnt know her you would probably think it was her place of work
    She was an RN for God’s sake what is she involved with this for.Goes against healthcare guidelines dietery,diabetes education and good old fashioned going to a doctor when your ill.
    This stuff is crap and a pyramid schemeThank God Im going back to school and earning my money the old fashioned way.

  • cheryl

    This test and product saved my husband from pneumonia, my boys from taking Ritalin and my mother from adult onset diabetes….. You decide he did his homework

  • perry

    went to their interview (job was under an assumed name) and they were trying to peddle the product to a group of interviewees under the guise of it being a health care preventive measure for the elderly. On man dressed in 10 year old dated and worn clothes claimed to be a multimillionaire. A guy #2 entered 5 minutes into the “millionare”s” schpeal just to say “hi” to the new recruits, but then decided to tell us how he made his first million with the product. When I walked out they seemed flabbergasted….I called them out on the scheme, the process, and the clothes. The tactics for recruiting are ruthless, and target desperate uneducated or niave people. They went so far as to tell then that their families would be jealous and attempt to get them to stop working toward their financial sucess!!! I saw a few more people exit after me, but unfortunatly the less experienced, and younger applicants remained inside. STAY AWAY!!!!!!!

  • PsyD, MD

    Bottom line, it’s about making money. In a seemingly dubious and untested manner. The only ones going to make the big bucks are the guys at the top. About 4 of them. And do you really, really think they care about you individually? NO, they don’t. Ask them help you out. They won’t. You would be just replaced with someone else. It’s a big fat joke by someone that pushes Oreo cookies to the masses (interesting none of the supporters brought this fact up). Probably the unhealthiest cookie on the planet. Why? To make money.

  • Al

    I thought my cousin was an extremely intelligent man, but I was wrong. He has been roped into this scheme hook line and sinker and has become a distributor, thinking this will pad his retirement in about 3 yrs or so. It’s to the point where he not only has his wife taking the products for weight loss (which trust me, she didn’t need to lose any weight) and has been trying to get all his relatives involved in the pyramid scheme. I can glady say, I’m not one that’s going to fall for it, nor are any of my adult children or cousins

  • Al

    I thought my cousin was an extremely intelligent man, but I was wrong. He has been roped into this scheme hook line and sinker and has become a distributor, thinking this will pad his retirement in about 3 yrs or so. It’s to the point where he not only has his wife taking the products for weight loss (which trust me, she didn’t need to lose any weight) and has been trying to get all his relatives involved in the pyramid scheme. I can glady say, I’m not one that’s going to fall for it, nor are any of my adult children or cousins. Another way for “The Donald” to make a quick buck!!!

  • Brian

    I’m involved i the Trump Network. Let’s just get that out of the way. I’m not going to get into the debate on here about MLM / Network Marketing. If you are going to call something illegal when it is not, doesn’t need to be debated, your minds will not be changed and that is ok. But, to put it plainly, does anyone on here really think that Donald Trump would buy a company that was illegal, you don’t think that he had his legal team make sure that he was not doing something illegal? The man lives on his reputation, and he won’t do anything that would tarnish it legally or in the court of public opinion, plain and simple. That is all I’m going to say about the MLM debate, and if you don’t agree with that then so be it.
    Anyways, lets’ put this into perspective, you say that only experienced nutritionists should be selling the products, well when I go to buy vitamins and I have a question, you are telling me that the sales clerk at Walgreens that is about 16 is “qualified”. I mean if they are not then they shouldn’t be working at well known pharmacies correct? But they are and no one is yelling at the big pharmacies. As for the vitamins how are you going to say that the test doesn’t accurately use the markers that you urine supplies. Are you saying that Metametrix (feel free to google them), which is the most world renown testing labs in the world, would be operating a scam and open themselves up to law suit? That doesn’t make sense to me for them to do that. Are you telling me, that people that sell Mary Kay are make up artists? I highly doubt it. I have friends that work at large pharmaceutical companies as sales people, they didn’t develop the items they sell, so should they not be selling these things? Or dies the fact that they were trained in the products. Just as the Trump Networkers are trained. Ask me about the products and I will tell you what it does, what is in it, and why it is proven scientifically why it is good. Also Donald Trump didn’t create these products, companies that use the Trump Network as a Marketing vehicle did, and I’m sure these companies don’t want to be sued (or maybe they do, who knows). Do you think that the Male employees at Tampax (sorry to be crude but work with me), are qualified to sell tampons? I think that they have never used one, so should they not work there? I could go on and on but I think you get the point.

  • Paul

    Let’s see we now have both Donald Trump & Warren Buffett involved in pyramid schemes according to our resident experts Al, Perry, Odraud and Doc. You clowns best check out the growth in NUS, Avon, Amway…… Figure out the industry. It’s called direct selling, and it’s an industry that has over 50 million people involved in it.
    Here boys, take a look at all the “pyramids.”

    You Bozos wouldn’t know a pyramid if it bit you on the butt. lol!!!!

  • Janet… Congratulations… You successfully disclosed yourself as a flaming, uneducated idiot… Next time do your research before effortlessly showing your TRUE I.Q. for the world to see… Do you really even know what a Pyrimid is? Do you really know who Metametrix Labs are? Let me enlighten your ignorance… Metametrix Labs are the WORLD leader in Metabolic Testing for DECADES… Do you know what is takes to be a WORLD LEADER… Go back to elementary school and figure it out… I don’t have time to explain it to you… You state you want to help people… Get OFF your pedestal your sitting on upside down by the way… hint… (the poles go on the ground not up your A** ) I have had the privilege now of meeting hundreds of peoples who have used these tests and will actually cry when they state the life changing effects it has had on their health and lives… I thank Donald Trump, Ideal Health and Metametrix Labs for providing me with the tools to make such in difference for people in this world… Janet… You I cannot help… Good Luck and I hope ignorance serves you well in life…


  • Janet

    What an angry, bitter person you are.
    Maybe you’re not making your quota selling supplements?
    I won’t even dignify your personal attacks with a comment.
    Just hope that one day you can accept the fact that some people may not agree with you and there’s no need to ever call anyone an uneducated idiot.
    Not sure you’re helping your cause this way.

  • Dawn


    The only thing that makes me angry is people like you that would make claims of something that you have done NO research on… Get this Janet…

    I have a dear friend that has lost 57lbs and gone of (1) of her diabetic medications because of the Trump Network and Ideal Health and the testing and products we provide. I have another dear friend that lost 91lbs because of our products. OH AND CHECK THIS OUT…. I have another dear friend that has suffered from Chron’s Disease so badly for over 10 years… Doctor visit after doctor visit they were unable to help him.. GUESS WHAT JANET… thanks you the Trump Network and Ideal Health he is virtually symptom free and PAIN FREE… hmmm.. yes, Janet your uneducated and only an idiot would try and deter people from helping people…

    Writing is on the wall… heck… you posted it YOURSELF….

  • Sally

    You seem to know as much about the Trump Network as you do about copyright issues. I refer to your unauthorized use of the Trump Network photos that accompany your ignorant blog post. I suggest that you should be fired as a credible source of information about referral marketing in general and the Trump Network specifically. By the way, Donald Trump also filed a trademark application for the catchphrase “You’re fired!”

  • Rob

    While I am impressed with what I’ve seen on your site, I am disappointed about the misinformation and uninformed blog you wrote about the Trump Network. I commented on a previous page, so I repeat my comments. Bottom line, your comments were biased and did not include any credible source of information w/regard to Trump, Ideal Health and their products. In fact anyone who uses Quackwatch as a credible source of information is shocking. This site is obviously a propaganda site linked to Big Pharma. Have you ever seen any criticism on his site about how drugs have and continue to harm people? Any mention of Vioxx and the fact that it was pulled off the market years after it caused the deaths of tens of thousands of people? I read comments by physicians who are concerned w/how Ideal Health’s nutrients may not work well with pharmaceutical drugs! I do think patients should identify what they are taking and provide that info. to their doctors and research whether certain vitamins will interact with medications. However I have witnessed much greater harm when a person has been prescribed a multitude of medications/drugs w/no coordination – drugs that have never been tested to work together, drugs that have never been tested on children or other age groups, including the elderly! Anyone can research the facts on just how dangerous these medications are – from reputable sources, including JAMA. Your site is obviously devoted to encouraging people to eat well and your offer great tips. However, your comments on the Trump Network and possibly other nutritional companies are irresponsible in that they contain inaccurate information. There are many out there that have struggled endlessly with obesity and all the health struggles associated w/it. One size does not fit all, and your comment that people should just use real food sounds patronizing. Do a bit more research on the product line and the science behind it – there is plenty of evidence (Silouette, Custom Essentials, etc.) to support it’s success. Talk to medical practitioners who have incorporated this line into their practice and under their guidance, have seen excellent results. As for the vitamins, I’ve tried many – and I do stay away from the ones sitting on the store shelves for many months that fits all sizes? – and I think they are an excellent source of nutrients that fit my body’s needs – since I know that I simply cannot get the level of these nutrients from our current food supply – at least not on a practical level. Finally, I do agree with you on one thing. Whole, natural food should be everyone’s primary source of nutrition – it is simply wise to supplement due to the stresses of life, pollution,
    current farming techniques, depleted soil, drug affects and all the pure garbage that we tend to eat and drink that are on the supermarket shelves. Making healthy choices for you and your family is a good thing!

  • SCAM

    Trump is a scammer and he will take all of you foolish disciples to the bank and bail out unscathed.

    A fool and his money will soon part.

    I know first hand how these snake oil saleman get all frothed up at these seminars and meetings thinking they are going to strike it rich. The damage to relationships trying to get these misguided weak souls is fathomless.

    Get over the counter supplements and consult with a nutritionist. Health over wealth.

  • Mary

    All I can say is, My Doctor told me about The Metrametrix urine test and suggested I have one,over a year and a half ago, to get to the root of my 9 years of health problems. I had already had 6 different Doctors over that period, who ran $1000.00 of dollars worth of tests,to no avail. Contrary to what, I’ve read on here, one’s urine shows allot and that test proved to be a miracle for me. It showed deficiencies and problems,that for the most part,thru supplements and two antibiotics for high bacterial intestinal overgrowth, have been resolved.
    I paid hundreds more then the Metrametrix urine test, is being sold by The Trump Network reps. II don’t know if mine was more detailed, then what they’re selling or not. As I said,I had it straight thru my M.D.,from Metrametrix. The Trump Network was not even in Busines then.
    I’m very thankful for that test, and If I ever feel the need to be retested,I’ll certainly consider
    the lower cost one,that The Trump Network offers.
    Best of Health,

  • Mary, You used Metametrix under the supervision of a DOCTOR!! Not a “SALES REP”. While urine test properly done CAN provide information the key is that it is properly done and properly interpreted for your benefit and not to sell vitamins. Remember Urine is a WASTE product of the body. It’s contents are what your body is not using. Looking at the output without looking at the input is useless in determining what your body needs.

    I must also point out that your 9 year old had health problems and that is why the doctor suggested it. Most people get the correct nutrition from eating a balanced diet. I do not suggest that customized nutrition plans do not have a purpose. Just that there is no independent, confirmed scientific evidence or study that I was able to find that shows customized vitamins are beneficial to someone that does not have a vitamin deficiency.

    Leaving a consumer to diagnose themselves is stupid at best and fraudulent at worst. Note that Trump and Ideal Health never ever once say that the vitamins will make you healthy. Not once. They have carefully worded all the corporate marketing to avoid scrutiny by the FDA and FTC. The problem will be when people say things such as
    “I have a dear friend that has lost 57lbs and gone of (1) of her diabetic medications because of the Trump Network and Ideal Health and the testing and products we provide. I have another dear friend that lost 91lbs because of our products. OH AND CHECK THIS OUT…. I have another dear friend that has suffered from Chron’s Disease so badly for over 10 years… Doctor visit after doctor visit they were unable to help him.. GUESS WHAT JANET… thanks you the Trump Network and Ideal Health he is virtually symptom free and PAIN FREE… hmmm.. yes, Janet your uneducated and only an idiot would try and deter people from helping people…” posted in these comments. Those kinds of claims are not backed by any science. Perhaps the person got better because there were committed to feeling better and also began to eat better, sleep better, get exercise, etc.

    Tracy, the $48 dollar start up kit is just a catalog of other things you need to purchase. Dig a little deeper.

  • one more point about It test BLOOD and urine, not just urine as the Trumpnetwork test does. The tests are not comparable.

  • Doo Dilly

    I came across this article after reading your reply to the False Profits blog. Anti-Slapp laws should protect you.

    The MLM crowd sure are a rabid bunch, aren’t they? (They really should start an MLM selling anger management tapes and tranquilizers) There are gazillions of MLM companies pushing nutritional supplements, vitamins, weight loss products, etc., all guaranteed to be well researched (NOT) and backed by the scientific community (Naturopaths, diploma mill PhDs, an occasional greedy MD/PhD who is either desperate or discredited). And they offer proof (testimonials, quack science).

    Then they counterattack the credentials of the anti-MLM educators.
    The American consumer is blissfully uninformed about the FDA, and how it regulates drugs vs. supplements.
    Obfuscation, deception, and specious arguments are the hallmarks of the MLM industry, which are simply LEGAL pyramid schemes. The products make them legal, and the money and political influence of the DSA keep them that way, as they have successfully beaten back the so called biz-op rule of the FTC.

    As a person with a science based advanced degree in a non human medical field, the nutritional advice of an RD blogger “trumps” the advice of any ND, PhD, MD, DO, or DC shilling for an MLM any day, and should for the average consumer.

    Whether it’s Trump or any of the other vitamin/supplement MLMs, it can be summarized thusly:
    Same circus, different clowns.
    Same clowns, different circus.
    Same dog, different fleas… well, you get the idea…

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  • Dana

    I am a firm believer of the complementary and integrated medical modalities because they do work and I know this from experience. Along with conventional blood labs, the tests from urine and salivation collections are helpful with disease management. As for the American Dietitian Asspciation, their food pyramid and nutrition programs are still off base and can be extremely detrimental. I know too many people that needed to find a holistic nutritionist to find success in either health recovery or building. FYI: Donald Trump is not going to jeopardize his brand with junk. The organic health movement has been a luxury lifestyle for too many years, and it is time for the working class to be educated and allowed the choice. Overly processed foods, artificial sweeteners, chemical preservatives, hormone/antibiotic laced meat and dairy products, tainted meats, eggs, peanut butter, et al., promote an unhealthy lifestyle resulting in disease.

  • Richard

    In the past many people believe that the earth was square, but not because the “doctors” and greatest thinkers believe it, that mean is true; most doctors here in USA fail in their diagnostics every single da an many people die every day just because the doctor tough that the chest pain was a heartburn reaction, I mean seriously? out there many doctors beleive they are like GOD, but the reality is that pharmaceutics and drugs stores are independent retailers too, so why this big mess? If you feel confortable buying this products whay you say that this is a failed program? most doctors send you home with Ibuprofen or any other analgesic just to ignore your pain, Where is the justice for those who die everyday?? than you “Doctors” abd by the way doctors can charge you $200 one hour consult… who is really MAKING PROFIT OUT OF PEOPLE HEALTH?

  • David

    MLM is not a scam. Its business model may not be for everyone but if it was a scam then the government would have been shut them down seeing that they have been around for over 30 years. Do you realize that MLM businesses a publicly traded on the stock exchange? If you are going to report on something make sure that it is completely truthful. I am not part of a MLM but the truth is on your side only if you’re telling 100% OF THE TRUTH. I hope no one tries to sue you either but if they do there is this hole in your report if not others.

  • Jim G. MS, PhD,

    In our practice where I’m a partner with an MD, I run the nutritional weight program. Keep the advise coming… Its the RD misinformation that keeps our business booming!

  • Trump is only interested in self promotion and will become involved in anything for it.

  • On the topic of Vitamin D I’ve learned it plays an essential role in the body which is absolutely necessary for the absorption and maintenance of calcium. Having the required amount of calcium in the body enables the maintenance of the appropriate structure within the bones, teeth and proper functioning of the nervous system. This is the major reason why we require the sufficient levels of vitamin D in our body. Vitamin D belongs to a group of fat-soluble vitamins. This means you need to transport the fats.

  • Kevin

    LOL. I came here because I was quasi introduced to the Trump Network. It took me a while but I’ve read every comment on this page.

    I find it interesting that the lines basically fall like this:

    Against it: Medical professionals
    For it: MLMers and current Trump Network peeps.

    Just curious to those that are “for it”: Have any of you actually asked your own personal physicians for their opinions on whether or not the vitamins are beneficial, and whether or not “tailor made” vitamins are worth the money?

    I’m also curious as to why if this urine test is so eye opening, why hasn’t any of the doctors I’ve visited over my last 51 years of life ever prescribed this test for me? I’ve taken every other kind of test there is….one would think that as a normal course of testing to what ails you, that someone’s own doctor wouldn’t prescribe it? I mean it couldn’t be any more expensive than a diabetes test could it?

  • I love the Silhouette Program…love, love, love it! I am a baby boomer aging individual who has had 20 pounds to let go of….the Silhouette Program has allowed me to do it effortlessly and if you follow the “Break Through Your Set Point” book by Dr. George Blackburn as suggested when complete with your weight loss or just taking a break and resetting your weight point….It works if you do the plan…! Through the years have done so many of the diets…from extreme fasting to other product lines. The Silhouette Program does my body good. On other product lines I get after taste or…just upset stomach on this program no stomach upset and after taste on 2 of the shake flavors…Here is to my Health and BMI being in order! Love it! Carol W.

  • Dave Pike

    I’m surprised I haven’t heard much recently about TTN. Is anything happening lately? Up until recently The Donald’s focus was mostly on running for Prez. I signed up with TTN in summer of 2009 when there was lots of buzz, but it seemed to fizzle. I’m starting to have good results with a supplement called Protandim. Seems to be a legitimate breakthrough & what a video they have. I’m curious…..Is there much growth with TTN? Anything new coming? Conventions?

  • Raquel

    U have right to ur opinion but to advise one to go to a doctor or a dietitian for help……first of all doctors see you for about 8 mins and tell you its nothing or it’s viral! And a dietitian will tell you to add calcium for your bones when cows milk is one major cause for bone issues. In china they have the least bone diseases and they consume nothing in milk compared to north America! Its time that natural therapies b heard !!

  • Clive Wrangler

    I would love to hear from the people who were strong advocates of The Trump Network two years ago.

    What are their success rates now? Have they earned their first million? Have they finally obtained the documentation from qualified professionals to substantiate their claims?

    My boss signed up for TTN 18 mos ago, spent thousands buying the diet supplements, lost fifty pounds, and could never get another person to buy in. He went to many meetings, bought the business cards, etc etc.

    Zero results.

    Just curious if his experiences are unique.

  • Very nice post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wanted to mention that I’ve truly enjoyed surfing around your weblog posts. After all I will be subscribing on your feed and I’m hoping you write once more soon!

  • Matthew Marturano

    It never ceases to amaze me how so many Registered Dietitians have been indoctrinated to believe that meeting all of the body’s nutritional needs through food is even possible, let alone simple. A word of advice to the passing reader: Next time you hear an RD parroting some line about how dietary supplements are not necessary, ask them to kindly compose a 2000-calorie meal plan that meets 100% of the RDA for all the essential vitamins and minerals for you. Then, see what they have to say afterwards.

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