Predicting 2009 Food Trends

As you know if you’re a regular visitor, I often write about food trends.  And when I happened to stumble upon a blog from Australia that focused on trends, I was surprised to see how similar our lists were. These could easily be U.S. trends, although the original list, based on  2009 predictions from the U.K.’s The Food People, included the trend of “British Food.”

Yet, we have a similar trend.  “Born in the U.S.A.” is a a big food trend here. We want to know where food comes from, and if it’s not 100-mile local, at least it needs to be grown/made/produced in America.  We’re getting back to our culinary roots in this country and there’s a renewed sense of pride about American cuisine.  Also, companies are increasingly touting  their U.S. connection and support of American farmers.


But back to the list.  Here’ s a look at The Food People’s  predictions of  2009 food trends — 

1. Comfort food: Nostalgia, feel good foods, treats

2. Scratch cooking and home baking:   Raw ingredients, cheaper cuts, more cakes, sponges.

3. Local:   Local regions, traditions, ingredients, breeds and species.

4. Less protein:    Stretching meat with more vegetables. Meat is expensive. Eggs are not, so eggs are in. {The Flexitarian Diet by dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner just had its premiere in the U.K., so I’m sure this trend will get even bigger across the pond.} 


5. Head to tail:     Eating all parts of our meat and fish,  reducing waste.

6. Sustainable varieties of meat and fish:     Rock fish, gurnard, flounder, mahi mahi.

7. Changing drinking habits:    Drinking at home rather than out in pubs and restaurants, beer, cider and cocktails.

8. Thirst for food skills and knowledge:  Entry level cooking schools teaching the basics and how to’s.

9. Restaurant and farm alliances: Restaurateurs partnering with farms (farm to plate) engender trust and local sustainability.

10. Miniaturization:  Smaller – greater choice, less cost, more variety, cute factor.

11. More customization:  Customized or tailored goods, products or services.

12. Health: Instant nutrition, ultra low calorie, natural ingredients.


Photo credits:   Sixybeast Flickr;  Frito Lay Chip Tracker

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