The Wild Wild West of Nutrition on the Web

I agree with fellow dietitian Julie Upton who wrote…

“The Internet is still the Wild Wild West when it comes to finding nutrition information that is credible and stands up to serious scientific scrutiny.  That’s why it’s so hard to find reliable information — how can you be sure that what you are reading is accurate and unbiased.”

So true.  Nutrition blogs are popping up daily, but not all provide reliable, science-based information.  That’s one of the reasons I wanted to create the Nutrition Blog Network, a collection of blogs written by Registered Dietitians.  It will be a site that you can turn to for trusted advice from nutrition experts.  

bannerStay tuned, it’s still in development.  But I’ll let you know when it’s ready to launch (soon after the first of the year).  And if you’re a dietitian blogger, I’ll let you know how you can join the network.   I think it will be a valuable destination — providing a one-stop for nutrition news you can trust.

And speaking of nutrition news you can trust…I was thrilled when Cooking Light mentioned Nutrition Unplugged as a trusted source of nutrition information.

“If you find the right sources (among plenty of bad ones), the web can be a good place to learn more about healthful eating.  Our favorite, smart, entertaining, and informative blog:  Blogger Janet Helm is a Registered Dietitian and appeals to consumers, moms, foodies, science junkies, and anyone interested in knowing more about what they’re eating.”

Wow!  Truly appreciated the shout out from Cooking Light editors (and Registered Dietitians) Kathy Kitchens Downie and Mary Creel.   I was also happy to be included in’s list of best nutrition blogs written by Julie Upton:

“When I want to know what’s trendy in nutrition, this is where I head.  Fried chicken is the new pork belly?  Registered Dietitian Janet Helm is often the first to report on new brand offerings, top chefs and the restaurant world.”

To all of you, dear readers, thanks for making a regular visit.  Hope you’ll keep coming back, and hope you’ll support the other RD bloggers in the Nutrition Blog Network. 


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