It’s the Clock Not the Calories? Curious Claims of The Big Breakfast Diet

9780761154938Not sure it deserves a second post, but I’m back again talking about The Big Breakfast Diet. I reviewed this new diet book in a previous post.  I really thought this little paperback would just go away.  Now it’s gotten a good review in the LA Times. Really disappointing.  Wouldn’t be surprised if it became the next celebrity-endorsed diet plan.

As I wrote earlier, The Big Breakfast Diet was one of the books included in Time magazine’s list of the 10 most notable new diet books.  And as you can see in this promotional video featuring the author, they’re quite proud of that.  Yes, it was unfortunately included in the list, but it wasn’t THE most notable book of the year.

The author even reached out to me via Twitter, encouraging me to read the book and try it myself.  Yes, I did read the book — I wouldn’t have reviewed it otherwise.  And thank you very much, I’m not abandoning my bowl of oatmeal in the morning to have pizza, donuts, ice cream and cookies for breakfast.

I find several problems with what she’s promoting, but perhaps it’s most disturbing to have her reinforce the concept that “it’s not what you eat that’s important…it’s when you eat it.”  She believes it’s the clock and not the calories that really count.  You can eat whatever you want as long as you’re “in sync.”

See Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz make her case in the video below and let me know what you think.

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