Update: Jillian Michaels Faces Third Lawsuit Over Her Fat-Burning Pills


Ok, did I call this one, or what?  I’ve been talking about the troubling supplements from Jillian Michaels for quite awhile.  In my original post, I wrote about my concerns — as well as my disappointment that “America’s Toughest Trainer” is now telling you to pop a pill to burn that fat.  Now it’s coming back to bite her in a major way.

If you’re keeping score at home, this is the third time that Jillian has been sued over her diet pills.  This time there are allegations that they contain a “potentially lethal” blend of ingredients.  I know when I wrote about the first time Jillian was sued, some people left comments that the lawsuit was crazy — maybe so.  It does all come down to personal responsibility.  But I do think this lawsuit helps raise awareness of the problems with these diet pills — especially these so-called fat burners.

In the class action lawsuit filed earlier this week in L.A. County Superior Court, Kathy Hensley claims “The Biggest Loser” trainer “sold her proverbial soul to the devil” by teaming up with the companies that created her fat burner.

Hensley claims Jillian and those companies (Thin Care and Basic Research) failed to disclose that the main ingredients of the “Jillian Michael Maximum Strength Fat Burner” allegedly combine to make a “toxic cocktail.” In the lawsuit, Hensley claims one of the pill’s ingredients — citrus aurantium — is “potentially lethal” and known to cause high blood pressure and serious cardiac problems in certain individuals.

The pills also contain coffee bean extract, guarana and synephrine — so they could definitely keep you jittery all day (but certainly not enough to melt away fat).

Hensley filed the class action lawsuit against Jillian and the pills’ makers, and is suing for less than $5,000. Two lawsuits ago, Jillian issued a statement that claims her pills were vetted by experts and she’s confident she’ll prevail in court.

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  • Did this “Fat Burner” fall under the “dietary supplements” category? This is why I don’t like the fact that those things don’t have to be approved by the FDA. Whether Jillian was selling her soul to the devil or not (personally, I never thought she was an admirable person for capitalizing on others’ health and self-esteem issues in the first place), she probably didn’t know anything about the stuff in those pills. The company who manufactured them was pretty idiotic too, to include anything with so much as one published finding of danger to certain individuals, even if those individuals comprise 0.01% of the population. They had a lot of money riding on this and should have stuck to including worthless but harmless plants.

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  • Tina Thompson

    I took this fat burner and it caused me so much pain I thought I was going to Die!!!! It hurt my insides so bad I have had two kids and I will take labor over this pain I had from these BAD pills any day!!!!! Please do not take these pills they will kill you!! Thanks

  • Daisey Williams

    Please do not take these pills. They recommend 2 pills in the morning and I took one pill. Afterwards I became very nervous and my body could not stop shaking. My breathing was very irregular and bascially thought I was going to die. There is no instruction to take these with food and am not sure if it would’ve made a difference. Please don’t risk your life. In addition, it’s very dissappointing to see people having so much fame and money and not doing the responsible thing. We all have to take accountability but how can we do this if products are continuting to be sold after consumer complaints and lawasuits. Unfortunately by thte time I read these comments it was too late.

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  • Sierra

    WOW. So yesterday I bought jillian michaels cleanse and burn, and today I just happen to google it, and I read this. Thank gosh I didn’t take it.

  • ashley

    i take these and they make me feel normal lol. i do not have any side effects and have been using them for about a month and have lost 6 pounds already along with dieting…i guess im lucky? im going to keep taking them though because they seem to be working better then zantrex 3 and you get about 20 more pills for the same price. i do like both pills though so im not saying zantrex 3 fat burner doesnt work because it was when i was using it i actually lost almost 10 pounds with it in about 2 months so…

  • ashley

    the only thing i can think of is maybe you guys are not drinking enough water. it says to drink one glass but i would drink at least 8 oz per pill like they advise to do with zantrex. that is what i do and it is fine. i take both pills with a full bottle of water twice a day once with breakfast and the other two with my last meal of the day, i do not chug the water or anything but i try to drink the full thing with in 15 mins of taking the pills.

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  • Lydia

    Your body was shaking and felt odd because of the amount of caffeine in the pills. Its supposed to make you want to run around and be active to help with weight loss and control.

  • Shamekia Woods

    I love it people don’t like to follow directions it say no caffeine when talking this product will cause nerves and sleep may accur drink plenty of water if u have heart problem don’t take see ur doctor take two in morning with low calories diet along with excerise no the same in evening now if u drink lots of caffien this product not for u evening medication with caffien if u not gone follow directions don’t go for it just like surgery they tell you the risk live or die follow directions or stay out of it cause Jillian got me looking good be bless

  • Dextdenson

    i didnt like the Jillian Michels fat burner….go with something natural like the Dr Max Powers Burn…lost 5lbs in this last week of using it and no weird side effects

  • Dextdenson

    i didnt like the Jillian Michels fat burner….go with something natural like the Dr Max Powers Burn…lost 5lbs in this last week of using it and no weird side effects

  • Michelle Marie Talerico

    This is all natural ingredient. I just started taking. Cayenne pepper is a main ingredient which has many positive benefits to cardiovascular.

  • Nicole Tavarez Helena

    I just took the last two pills one water bottle in and I feel like I’m going to die it’s been about an hour in and my eyes feel weird my stomach feels sick when I got up out of bed my head feels like I’m going to faint I had to check my chest to see if my heart was still beating I don’t think I’ll ever use these again I just hope this feeling goes away. Pretty scary all I wanted was to loose a couple of pounds and now I’m going to die over 4 red pills damn man .

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