Celebrating Registered Dietitian Day

Have you heard, it’s National Nutrition Month — an annual celebration sponsored each March by the American Dietetic Association.  Today is especially note worthy.  It’s Registered Dietitian Day.

It’s a great time to recognize the valuable contributions RDs make to help people live healthier lives.  Increasingly, dietitians are contributing to the blogosphere — helping to provide reliable, trusted nutrition advice online.

I’m trying to help RDs get an even louder voice online with the Nutrition Blog Network, which I recently wrote about.  This new site of RD bloggers isn’t quite ready to launch, but we’re getting close.  So stay tuned.

In the meantime, two of my RD colleagues have created a Registered Dietitian Blogfest to commemorate Registered Dietitian Day — which is a tremendous idea.  The Blogfest was created by Monika of  InCyst Network and Renata of Nurturing Notes.  They asked this question of dietitians:  If you had one message to give, what would it be?

Take a look at the participants and their responses:

Debra, Beyond Prenatals  – Vitamin D in Pregnancy and Beyond
Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak, Food Insight- Can Dietitians Have Real I.M.P.A.C.T?
Sandra Meyerowitz, Fiddle With Your Food – Changes Worth Making Take Time
Carrie Miller, Nutrition Know How – What Nebraska Dietitians Are Saying
National Dairy Council, The Dairy Report- Nutrient-rich foods build a healthy diet
Janel Ovrut, Eat Well With Janel – My Top Tips for Registered Dietitian Day!
Heather Pierce, Heather’s Burnt Toast – Enjoy Food
Robin Plotkin – Give a Kid a Fish, Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Kid to Fish, Feed Him for Life
Diane Preves, The Seed – Only One Message
Elizabeth Rahavi, Food Insight – The Art of Nutrition Messaging
Shelley A. Rael, Eat Well, Live Well, Be Well – Food Is LIFE, Nutrition is HEALTHY Life
Kerry Robinson, Food Insight – A Food Safety Message with IMPACT
Marianne Smith-Edge, Food Insight – RDs are the Premiere Food and Health Communicators
Kris Sollid, Food Insight – Unintended Consequences of Simple Messaging
Angie Tillman, Angie’s Appetite for Life – Take Time to Care for Yourself

It’s a great question, with some great responses.  I think I have to go with Heather:  enjoy food.  I think that’s an incredibly important message.  And I think it’s about enjoying all foods — eating a variety of foods, not restricting yourself of certain “bad” foods, and not worshipping others that have been granted “super food” status.

What do you think?

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