Celebrities Tweet What They Eat, But is Their Diet Advice Worth Following?

1209_W_cover_300wIn today’s digital age, it’s not uncommon to hear first-hand how a celebrity slimmed down for a movie or got their pre-baby body back through their posts on Twitter, Facebook or their own blog.

We no longer need to wait to read a story about the latest celebrity diet in the pages of fashion or entertainment magazines.  Now we can get the detox details straight Demi or find out what Gwyneth is eating, or not eating, these days.

Unfortunately, most of these diets don’t deserve to be “liked.”

People may want to look like celebrities (although Demi’s cover on W is stirring up some controversy of its own). I just hope they don’t try to eat like one too.

My latest column for msnbc.com is about celebrity diets.  Read the full story here.

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