Trend Alert: What’s Hot in Food Today

Today’s food trends offer something for everyone — be you dedicated gourmet, fast-food addict or hard-core hostess, according to Joanna Prisco who identifies 6 food trends in today’s Parade magazine.

1. Hummus is the new salsa.

hummus-2Hey, I’ve been saying that for awhile.  Indeed, the creamy chickpea dip has gone mainstream.  Although I’m a big advocate of making your own, here’s my recipe.

Here’s the scoop:  the mashed chickpea dip has been a staple abroad for thousands of years.  But its popularity here is relatively recent — eating hummus has increased 1500% in the past decade.  Now brands such as Frito-Lay are taking it mainstream, with some adding flavorful spins like Buffalo or Spinach and Artichoke.

2. Not-so-humble pie.

I’ve previously written about the growing popularity of pies — dubbed the new cupcakes.   Expect to see more pie shops popping up in a neighborhood near you.

We were just getting used to cupcakes showing up everywhere — now pies are all the rage.  Small shops like Baked in Charleston, SC, Hoosier Mama Pie Company in Chicago, and Pie Lab in Greensboro, Ala. are revisiting old-fashioned family favorites like Chocolate Creme and regional specialties like Bourbon Sweet Potato or Chess pie (a super-sweet Southern confection that includes cornmeal).  Tasty any way you slice ’em.

3. Vegging out.


Could it be that vegetables are the new meat?

Chefs are setting aside their meat cleavers for garden gloves and focusing on vegetable-based dishes.  With so many new options, such as mangosteen or red celery, who can blame them?  One of the biggest boosters is superchef and “Meatless Monday” proponent Mario Batali.  At Eataly, his new megastore, there’s even a “vegetable butcher” to prep produce and advise customers on, for instance, how to prepare a mean swiss chard.

4. Sweet on honey.

One more reason to worry about colony collapse:  Honey is the key ingredient in a variety of buzz-worthy new treats, including Jelly Belly’s “pure honey” flavor, cookies at Brown Butter Cookie Company in Cayucos, Calif., and Chozen Ice Cream’s Apples & Honey variety.  For more zing, try Manhattan Meadery’s Brooklyn Buzz honey wine or Apia Artisan Vodka, distilled from honey in Portland, Ore.

5. The incredible shrinking dinner party. jmoranmoya

First it was a restaurant trend, with entire menus of appetizer-size entrees shared by a communal table.  Now kitchen stores and cookware brands are having a love affair with all things diminutive. Pier 1 Imports recently launched a set of serving pieces devoted to bite-size portions, such as shot glasses for soups or deep spoons with flat bottoms for slurping up a single dumpling.  Meanwhile, Staub and Le Creuset are offering mini-mes of their baking dishes that go from oven to table.  Talk about eating cute.


Raspberry Tiramisu in Shot Glass/

6. Which ‘wich is which.

5107482210_b6b069b7caKrispy Kreme burger Teacher

Ever since KFC debuted its Double Down (bacon and cheese layered between two fried-chicken cutlets), other chains have taken their sandwiches to the nth degree.  Fancy a duo of beef burgers, plus all the trimmings, swaddled in a 12-inch bun? Carl’s Jr. has it covered. Burger King’s whopping Pizza Burger is a 9.5-inch ode to American ingenuity.  Then there’s the 1000-calorie Krispy Kreme bacon cheeseburger, courtesy of Midwestern chain Machine Shed.  For better or worse, it’s pretty much like it sounds — plus chocolate-covered bacon.

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