Sensa Diet (Still) Smells Fishy To Me

I wrote about these “diet sprinkles” over a year ago, but I thought it was a topic worth revisiting.

I happened to catch a Sensa infomerical on late night TV recently and I couldn’t believe the program was still around — and seemingly going strong.  I don’t blame people for getting swept away by the dramatic weight loss claims.  The testimonials are rather convincing: simply sprinkle the flavor-enhancing crystals on everything you eat, sniff it before eating and the pounds will melt away.

But I sure hope you’ll save your money.

Before you’re tempted to buy Sensa, please read my original post:

Sensa Diet Smells Fishy to Me

And take a look at what others had to say about Sensa and the claims made by “Dr. Smell,” the creator Alan Hirsch.  What’s really incredible to me is what Hirsch told ABC after being pressed. For his so-called clinical study (which has never been published) there actually wasn’t a control group that used fake sprinkles to compare with the group that used Sensa (and experienced  this dramatic, self-reported weight loss).  He said the promotional company made that up for the video.  “Obviously a misunderstanding,” Hirsch admitted.

Enough said.

WebMD – The Truth About Sensa
ABC News – Eat Ice Cream, Burgers and Pizza and Still Lose Weight?
The Fit Shack – Sensa: 5 Reasons It Won’t Work
Henry the Health Hound – My Investigation on Sensa for Weight Loss

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  • Hi there! I just found your blog and really love it. I love reading nutrition news, but you are right, sometimes it is written as if everyone is a nutrition expert so I love the concept of your blog! Thanks for doing a post on Sensa. I’ve often been curious about this product. A product I’ve been curious about lately also is the Beach Body shake, Shakeology. Are you familiar with it? My mom is diabetic and one of it’s “claims to fame” is the fact that it’s approved by the American Diabetes Association so I’ve been thinking of getting it for her. Do you have any insight into this product? It seems like all the online reviews are written by Independent Beach Body coaches so I’m skeptical as to whether I can trust all the positive reviews. Just curious if you’ve ever come across any nutrition news about it.

  • I’m not a fan of any sort of diet like this. A lot of hype out there. Lame scams to make money in a totally socially irresponsible way. What’s even more amazing to me is the real way to lose weight – just eat less. But companies can’t make much money off that truth can they?

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  • Thank You, Janet for taking on this subject. Your concerns are cogently presented and to the point.

  • I smell a scam too (and blogged about this). I can’t believe people aren’t onto Sensa but I am intrigued about scent and appetite and aromatherapies potential applications. Smells and scents can be powerful, maybe not as powerful as Sensa claims. Happy Holidays Janet, your blog was one of the first ones I really read regularly when I started my own. Thanks for that.

  • Hi there

    Just stumbled upon your blog. As a fellow RD, it’s nice to find a voice of reason out there and a nutrition blog to refer friends and client to. This Sensa product seems to fall into the “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” category.

  • Liza Schwartz

    Love your website! I’m sitting here late at night watching this ridiculous Sensa infomercial too. I had never heard of it, and as an RD myself, I immediately googled “dietitian review Sensa” to see what was up. Thanks for the great review!

  • James Midkiff

    Interesting that everyone who is so highly critical of this “scam” have not actually tried the product. Also, I doubt any of you have ever struggled with a chronic overweight problem. It is easy to be an expert on a subject when you have no personal experience. If this product motivates a person to loose weight, and helps them to see progress, it might help them get on a regular program to sustain the progress. Six months ago I found a plan that helped me loose 50 lbs…everyone told me it was crazy and would not work…based on blood type…well it did, I feel like exercising now, I look better and I am keeping the weight off. I haven’t tried the product, but I might…it might help me loose the last 20 lbs I want to loose. I really hate “know-it-all” assholes!

  • I was reading everyday food magazine . Big article sensa Loose POUNDS!!! try it for free just pay shipping. Martha Stewart backing this product. I really want to believe it!! If it sounds too good you can bet it won’t work. Martha should be ashamed to endorse products that doesnt really work. I was about to try it because of the article. Then I googled this and found you on this blog. Glad to have read this totally changed my mind.
    Thanks Lynne

  • bnp

    I appreciate the concern that the article shows on what could be a potentially dangerous choice for many desperate fat people, specially because Sensa won’t make them healthier since is not changing the origin of the problem that in most cases can be solved just by changing a potato for a salad (or attaching good positive emotions to a salad). But also, I can see that this article is not addressing those feeling miserable with the way they look: coming and going to one diet to another, trying to check in their psychology why they are addicted to sugar or carbs, how the hell “love yourselve” works, going to the gym and realizing how difficult can be (for some people more that others) to feel beautiful and confident … They feel desperate and hopeless, thinking “getting older and I cannot loose weight but starving or killing myself in the gym” … that’s why Sensa is still around. If nutritionist and doctors just offer a path of pain and cannot look for some speech that speaks to those people, well, it will be more Dr. Smelly over and over again and fat desperate people will buy it… If you address fat desperate patients the message is lost…

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