Sensa Diet (Still) Smells Fishy To Me

I wrote about these “diet sprinkles” over a year ago, but I thought it was a topic worth revisiting.

I happened to catch a Sensa infomerical on late night TV recently and I couldn’t believe the program was still around — and seemingly going strong.  I don’t blame people for getting swept away by the dramatic weight loss claims.  The testimonials are rather convincing: simply sprinkle the flavor-enhancing crystals on everything you eat, sniff it before eating and the pounds will melt away.

But I sure hope you’ll save your money.

Before you’re tempted to buy Sensa, please read my original post:

Sensa Diet Smells Fishy to Me

And take a look at what others had to say about Sensa and the claims made by “Dr. Smell,” the creator Alan Hirsch.  What’s really incredible to me is what Hirsch told ABC after being pressed. For his so-called clinical study (which has never been published) there actually wasn’t a control group that used fake sprinkles to compare with the group that used Sensa (and experienced  this dramatic, self-reported weight loss).  He said the promotional company made that up for the video.  “Obviously a misunderstanding,” Hirsch admitted.

Enough said.

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