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As 2010 comes to a close, lots of folks are publishing lists that reflect on the year in food.  Here’s a recap of the best and worst in 2010 food trends.

Serious Eats
The Atlantic

One trend that’s consistent with many of the lists is what Time calls “The New Naturalism.”  Chefs have returned to nature — and this is being translated into the rise in seasonal cooking, heritage breeds, rooftop gardens and pared down, elegant cooking.

Hyper-locavorism, foraging and the GIY  (grow it yourself) movement is another related trend that transcends many lists, along with “dude food” or the rise of the male cook.  Korean food made its mark in 2010, along with Southern cuisine — or the trend of “Lardcore” according to Time.

What do you think were the major food trends of the year?

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