Did You Hear? I’m Writing A Book!

healthyhabitsI’m thrilled to be working on a tremendous project with the folks at Cooking Light, undoubtedly my favorite culinary magazine in the world.   In fact, it’s keeping me quite busy, which means less time posting here.  But hope you’ll understand.  I’m working on a book based on a series in the magazine called 12 Healthy Habits.

You can read more about it in this post from the editor of Cooking Light, Scott Mowbray:  Can you help write our 12 Healthy Habits book? The book’s publication date is January 2012, but it’s already listed on amazon.com.

The series in the magazine is all about helping people adopt new habits — from eating more vegetables and whole grains, to embracing healthy fats, seafood and meatless meals at least once a week.  It’s not about rules and restrictions.  No foods are off-limits.  Instead of a quick-fix approach, the program is helping people establish new behaviors.  I like that.  No gimmicks, no extremes.  That’s why I signed on to the book.

Now we’re trying to make this book unique.  We want contributors, we want to have it shaped by the collective wisdom of the Cooking Light community — and my community, in addition to the help of other bloggers I’d like to recruit.  I’ll be blogging about the book and collecting ideas, tips and tricks on the book’s blog The Twelve. Plus, would love to hear from you.

My goal, this will be the last diet book anyone would ever need (although it’s not really about a “diet”).  The secret to better health (or a trimmer waist line) is not found in the next big diet book.  It’s about enjoying food, not fearing it.  And it’s about finding a way to eat that can last a lifetime.

Will you join me?

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