I Call It Like I See It

4945236568_530b409476_bI have opinions. And I express them here on Nutrition Unplugged. That’s the “food news and views” part of my blog title. I want you to express your opinions, too. A blog is an ideal forum for these exchange of ideas.

There will be times when we disagree. This has happened quite a bit, actually. But that’s fine. How I see it, you have a right to your own opinion. You don’t have a right to your own facts. And that’s where I draw the line.

I was recently the target of a rather aggressive Twitter challenge by a nutrition colleague. It appears that he disagrees with my list of food trends that I think have jumped the shark (specifically chia seeds), and he feels that I’ve dismissed fermented foods while extolling only certain fermented foods: wine, beer and sausage. Not sure he even read what I wrote very closely. I’m fascinated by fermentation (it’s an amazing ancient technique) and I recognize many of the benefits, but I do think that some of the claims made by fermentation enthusiasts are ahead of the science. And while chia seeds are certainly a healthy ingredient, they’re no miracle food. The claims have simply gone too far. Does it mean not eat chia seeds? Of course not. I never said that. Enjoy chia seeds, flaxseeds, sesame seeds, hemp seeds — whatever seeds you like. Seeds and nuts are great foods to eat more often. I simply feel that the marketing of chia seeds is overblown — to me, it’s jumped the shark.  Regarding fermentation, my critic complained about my mention of sausage because he’s a vegan (can’t we respect each others eating styles?).

If I respect your opinion, why not respect mine. I understand the facts. I’m expressing my opinion — which is a combination of how the facts are being interpreted and how the products are being marketed. I think it’s important to distinguish between facts and opinions. If I get the facts wrong, tell me. If you disagree with my opinion, it’s fine to tell me too, but don’t tell me I got it wrong. That’s my opinion.

One person’s savior is another person’s hype.

photo credit: kerry.com on Flickr

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