2012 Food Trends: What’s Hot, What’s Not

Happy New Year to all.  Hope 2012 will bring you lots of joy, great health and good food.

What do you plan to eat more in 2012?  I suggest putting your focus on whole, real foods instead of seeking out the next big superfood.  The folks at The Hartman Group have put together an excellent report that looks at the food culture in 2012.  They say “nutritionism” is at an all time high.  This refers to celebrating or demonizing particular ingredients at the expense of the food itself, allowing the popularity of processed foods (such as potato chips with added fiber) to flourish while whole, real foods in the produce section remain uneaten.  That’s a real shame.  But it seems the tide may be turning.  More people are beginning to reject nutritionism and have become increasingly skeptical of overtly scientific functional foods.

Here’s a look at what The Hartman Group predicts will be trending up and trending out in 2012:

3061691298_9878e7ac45_b In: Real butter. Out: Margarine.


In: Grass-fed meat.  Out: Processed soy protein.

In: Sea salt.  Out: Low sodium.

In: Healthy fats.  Out: Fat Free.

In: Stevia. Out: Artificial Sweeteners.

In: Chicken thigh/dark meat. Out: Chicken breast/white meat.

In: Local, seasonal superfruits.  Out: Superfruits from afar.

In: Whole eggs, cage free. Out: Egg whites.

3313669395_44851babf0_bIn: Farmstead cheese. Out: Processed factory cheese.

In: The Family Dinner.  Out: Activities trumping meal time.

In: Fresh produce.  Out: Excessive supplements.

In: Portion control. Out: Elimination diets.

In: Dance/Rumba.  Out: Treadmills.

In: Craft beer.  Out. Ultra Lite beers.

In: Kettle potato chips.  Out: Baked potato chips.

In. Eating dark leafy greens. Out: Drinking wheat grass shots.



Do you agree?  Are there some trends that you would like to see less of in 2012?

[photo credits:  butter: Robert S. Donovan; margarine: Roberto Verzo, eggs: Indiana Public Media; leafy greens: Guidance for Growing; wheat grass shot: Milwaukee Public Market on flickr.com]

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