Add Black to Your Plate, Not Just Your Closet: Why Black is the New Black in Foods

The little black dress is a timeless classic.  Now it appears that “eating black” is also in style.5954781204_cbc60c6ef1_b

Black garlic, black rice, black quinoa, black beans, black lentils.

These ebony-hued foods are not only dramatic in appearance, in most cases they offer a specific health advantage, too.   That’s good thing, since black foods are riding high in popularity.6744043519_7f84675b5b_z

Could it be that black is the new black in foods?  That was the topic of my latest post for WebMD’s blog Real Life Nutrition.  Hope you’ll check it out. And let me know if you’ve enjoyed any black foods recently. 6785419589_cae74f7193_z

Black garlic image courtesy of FotoosVanRobin on flickr
Black rice image courtesy of Simplicity Patterns on flickr
Black quinoa image courtesy of Bingi1 on flickr

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