Fifty Shades of Grey in Nutrition

I just finished reading Fifty Shades of Grey.

Yes, I admit it.  I’m on vacation and I couldn’t resist picking up the most talked about book of the summer for the beach.

fifty shadesThe book has been quite a phenomenon.  A movie is already in the works and there’s been all sorts of spin-offs — from the Bobbi Brown Shades of Grey eye shadows to an album of Christian Grey-inspired classical music that was curated by the book trilogy author E.L. James.

Most definitely, this has been a Fifty Shades of Grey summer.

This got me thinking that there are lots of shades of grey when it comes to nutrition.  Maybe that’s why it can be so confusing.

All too often people speak about food in absolutes — this food is “bad” and this food is a “miracle.”  Or this diet is best, no this is the best diet.

Frequently claims are made based on a single study.  Yet before sweeping conclusions are made, there are multiple factors to consider.  It’s not that simple, not that black and white.  Often there’s a nugget of truth in many of these bold declarations, but it’s all a matter of extremes.  Again, lots of shades of grey. 

Lastly, the book reminds me that we should all honor our inner goddess.  That means eating well, enjoying food and avoiding negative self-talk. 

Image courtesy of Naomi Mann on flickr

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  • Rebecca

    Nice comparison. Here’s another great fifty shades food spoof from our local newspaper:

  • Great message Janet! People so often want nutrition choices to be black or white but this is rarely the case. There are a million shades of gray when it comes to food choices and health behaviors.

  • I totally agree with you Janet, there’s no absolutes with food and nutrition. If a person is considering a change in his/her diet for whatever reason, it’s important to do in-depth research on them (and not from the same source of information!).

  • I have to disagree about some foods not being simply evil. I think that there are many foods without redeeming qualities which should be banished from the diet. The moderation, no food is totally forbidden thing just ain’t working.

  • Great comparison!!!! Eating a variety of foods gives you more nutrients. Before following any diet plan it is important to research that.

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  • I haven`t read this book yet, but I often refer to nutrition as 50 shades of grey…it just seems like every time I learn something new it appears grey because as you so eloquently put it, there are no absolutes! I think that is a concept I embrace and incorporate in my dietitian practice as well. Glad to find such a well balanced nutrition blog that I myself can rely on and refer to for a great read. Happy eats! Melissa

  • My sister is currently reading the book and loves it, not my cup of tea though!

  • I agree with a lot of the other comments. This was a great post…

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