Food and Beverage Buzz Words for 2013

What will be the big foods in 2013?  What can we expect to see on restaurant menus in the coming year?  Here are some predictions from international food and restaurant consultants Baum+Whiteman.

Charcuterie boards

4060171656_5daa307a13_bCharcuterie plate at The Publican by JessieFriedman on Flickr

Asian flavorings: togarashi, yuzukoshi, gochujang

Spice trends: torridly hot, smoked, warm and aromatic, fruity

White strawberries, Green tomatoes

510175383_fa745238c3_bWhite strawberries by Kingdesmond1337 on Flickr

Geranium leaves, Hibiscus, Shiso

3454625276_2b1fdd5a83_bShiso leaf tempura by thisgirlangie on Flickr

Flexitarian menus

More chicken (often upscaled), less beef

Lobster rolls

6810080839_7a1d136abe_bLobster roll by nicknamemiket on Flickr

Charred octopus tentacles

Fermented everything

Donuts getting bizarre upscaling (foie gras jelly donuts, hamburgers between two griddled donuts, kimchee donuts)

5041356024_d3093c727f_bBacon donuts by BudgetBougie on Flickr

Bar-made and small-batch tonics and quinine syrups. Lillet, Dubonnet, Chartreuse, Benedictine and other golden oldies. Craft bourbon, small-batch rye, local gins. Hard cider

Zip-code honeys

2981971582_519d5c10fc_bHoneys by barefoot chef on Flickr

Weirder and weirder desserts

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