Top Food and Beverage Brands of the Year

Ever wonder what are the most popular new food products?  Information Resources, Inc. (IRI) has announced its  “New Product Pacesetters,™” which are 200 top-selling CPG launches of 2012.  Each captured more than $13 million in year, with an individual average of $39.5 million in first-year revenues. Susan Viamari, editor of Time and Trends for IRI says,

The blurring of eating occasions and proactive health and wellness are trends that influenced the introduction of the most successful new food and beverage products in 2012.  They offer a nice balance of wellness and indulgence, even healthier-for-you spins on indulgent options. And they continue to raise the bar on convenience. But the average number of benefits offered by this year’s top-selling food and beverage launches has increased. In 2012, food and beverage Pacesetter brands offered an average 6.9 benefits versus an average of 5.3 benefits in 2002 to 2011. This increase is reflective of efforts to capitalize on new opportunities.

Here are the top 10 food and beverage brands in 2012, $ in millions:
1. Dannon Oikos                        $283.8
dannon oikos
2. Starbucks K-Cups                 $198.9
starbucks k-cups
3. Bud Light Platinum              $162.2
AoS511 on flickr
4. TruMoo                                     $158.3
5. Breyers Blasts!                          $.47.3

geocentric on flickr

6. MiO                                             $127.6

Mio liquid

7. Sparkling ICE                                $122.7


sparkling ice

8. Nature Valley Protein Bars                    $95.7




9. Orville Redenbacher’s Pop Up Bowl   $92.1


pop up bowl

10. Daily’s Frozen Pouches                          $89.2



Total Year-One Dollar Sales, Multi-Outlet

Source:  IRI New Product Profiler™


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