Do You Know Burrata?

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Burrata is my latest obsession.  Have your tried it?  If you can’t find this luscious fresh ball of cheese in your local supermarket, look for it on restaurant menus.  Burrata is one of the top 10 food trends driving customer loyalty in restaurants.  I just wrote about this for the trend spotlight on Healthy Aperture.  Hope you’ll check it out.

And I was pleased to see that Mother Nature Network  was inspired to write about the article, focusing in on the burrata trend. I loved how Robin Shreeves described burrata:

The outside of the ball is a thin layer of mozzarella. Inside that thin layer are fresh cream and little bits of curd. It’s all buttery, creamy goodness. In fact, burrata means buttered in Italian. My knows-everything-about-cheese friend Tenaya Darlington, the voice behind Madame Fromage, describes the inside of burrata as “plush” and says, “Once you try it, though, you’ll never forget it. It’s like discovering poached eggs.”


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Chicago Magazine declares burrata Chicago’s latest food trend:  “…virtually every kitchen in town—Italian or not—is turning out the incredibly rich cream-filled mozzarella cheese.” I recently enjoyed the version at Bar Toma.

Davanti Enoteca (1359 W. Taylor St., 312-226-5550) slipped the indulgent stuff onto its opening menu in 2010, and today it appears twice: as a spreadable snack housed in a Mason jar and as a velvety addition to a simple salad. We recently even slurped Burrata in soup—an unexpected twist—at Allium.  As part of the meticulously sourced cheese selection at Bar Toma (110 E. Pearson St., 312-266-3110), it arrives—by way of Puglia, where it originated—whole, a softball-size serving cutely festooned with a bow of blanched leeks, just like they did in the old country. Nellcôte (833 W. Randolph St., 312-432-0500), on the other hand, serves twin heaps crowned with a garlicky green sauce, thick pieces of fried artichoke, and sea urchin—a far cry from the old country’s version but delizioso nonetheless.


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How have you enjoyed burrata — either at home or in a restaurant?  Here’s some inspiration, so get started.

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