Food Trend Backlash

If you’re a regular visitor, then you know I love to track trends.  I love reporting on new products, hot menu items and predictions of the next big thing.  I’m certainly guilty of declaring that X is the new X, such as cookie butter is the new Nutella or freekeh is the new quinoa.  I can’t help myself.  But I’m also quick to point out trends that I think are past their prime, over-blown or just over-exposed, such as Five Food Trends that Have Jumped the Shark, or Nutrition Trends I Hope Won’t Stick in 2013.

Well, it seems that others are growing weary of certain food trends.  Could there be a food trend backlash going on?  Take a look at this video from Bravo TV.  The chefs and judges from Top Chef Masters point out some food trends that they’d like to see move on — from kale and beet-goat cheese salad to food trucks and molecular gastronomy.

Food Trends That Need To Die from Top Chef Master Series (video)


kale photo courtesy of anotherpintplease on flickr

I really liked some of the comments made in the video.  Maybe it’s true that we’re going overboard on trendy foods.  Really, that much kale?  Let’s don’t overlook other salad greens.  Chia seeds.  Must they be added to everything?  And superfoods.  I’m totally over that whole concept. Enough already.

Here are some other food trends that might be wearing out their welcome.

11 Food Trends That Need to Die in 2013 from Buzz Feed Food

1. Pickle fever

2. Sriracha epidemic (I still can’t enough of this hot sauce)


photo courtesy of Asian Ingredients on flickr

3. Animal restaurant names (such as Girl & the Goat — but I LOVE this Chicago restaurant!)

4. All smoked everything

5. The war on gluten (I certainly agree that this should die!)

6. Jello shots


jello shots courtesy of ClickedbyCarol on flickr

7. Talking about coffee

8. The swoosh (you know, the saucy design on a plate that resembles the Nike logo)


photo courtesy of MarquisDeRad on flickr

9. Culinary carpetbagging (all things Southern)

10. Very many very small plates

11. Maximum kale

The 5 Worst New Food Trends from Time magazine

1. Rock slime as food

2. Pro-am charcuterie

3. Fake smoke

4. Postmodern dessert

5. Optional tipping

What food trends do you wish would just go away?


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