More 2014 Food Trends: What Will Be In and Out in the Year Ahead

‘Tis the season for food trend reports.  First came the Sterling-Rice Group, then Baum + Whiteman, and now Andrew Freeman & Co., hospitality and restaurant consultants.  This San Francisco-based firm has published a cheeky report called Blurred Lines:  The Dishes, Drinks and Digs That Will be Breaking Down Barriers in 2014.

I’m collecting all of the major 2014 food trend predictions and will be assembling everything in one post  — so stay tuned.  I think it’s always interesting to see if they conflict, or if the trends are similar.  For instance, Andrew Freeman said chicken is out, but Baum + Whiteman said it was hotter (and hauter) than ever.  The three reports do have some similarities —  nut milks will be big, tea is showing up in new places, Middle Eastern cuisine is trending up, and American classics are making a comeback.

Andrew Freeman is coming at this from the restaurant perspective or dining trends,  so future trend reports will be a bit broader.  And their assessment of “what’s out” is through the lens of a restaurateur.  Bacon, for example, is it really ever out?  Vegan?  Wouldn’t say it’s out.  Maybe restaurants are more impacted by the Paleo trend.  So keep in mind that these trends are focused on the restaurant industry.

I’ve pulled out only a portion of the overall report for now — I liked the 2014 Food Trends Index they created. Their index used the descriptions of #overit, #wegetit and #youknowyouwantit.  I’ve translated into the categories below.  To see the full report, visit Andrew Freeman & Co.

Over:  Cupcakes               Trending:   Donuts             Emerging:   Ice Cream Sandwiches

ice cream sandwich

Ice cream sandwiches from Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck  courtesy of Guzzle & Nosh on flickr
Sour cherry and ricotta ice cream on red velvet cookie (left) and Nutella ice cream on dark chocolate cookie


Over: Vegan                Trending:   Gluten-Free                      Emerging:   Sugar-Free

Over: Korean Tacos   Trending: Cronut & Ramen Burger  Emerging:  Pizzarito (pizza + burrito)


 Pizzarito  by El Gray on flickr

Over:  Brussels Sprouts        Trending:  Kale                    Emerging: Sea Beans


Grilled Scallops with Ginger, Soy Dressing and Sea Beans by SingleGuyChef on flickr

Over:   Fried Chicken             Trending: Fried Quail              Emerging: Fried Rabbit


 Tempura Fried Rabbit with Harissa Mayo by TimeOutNewYork on flickr

Over: Cocktails                  Trending: Beertails                        Emerging: Teatails

Tomato Water and Black Tea Cocktail

 Tomato Water and Black Tea Cocktail by HarlanH on flickr 

Over: Croissant               Trending: Pretzel Bun               Emerging: Biscuits


Sweet Potato Biscuits by Salad in a Jar on flickr

Over: Bacon                      Trending: Pork Belly                Emerging: Tongue


Grilled Ox Tongue by HeatherJoan on flickr

Over:  Flowers   Trending: Weeds (Sorrel & Purslane)           Emerging: Edible Trees & Figs

Will be back with more trends soon.  In the meantime, what do you think is trending up?


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