Compilation of 2014 Food Trends: A Collection of Culinary Predictions

Everyone is talking trends.  No doubt you’ve noticed that there’s been no shortage of 2014 food trend predictions — from restaurant consultants, market research firms and ad agencies to media, food  manufacturers and gurus of all sorts.  I  eat this up every year, and I’ve done my best to collect these trend lists as they come out (which is earlier and earlier every year).  Seems like there’s a lot that’s the same as 2013 — and some similarities between the lists.  You’ll find links to all of the sources I’ve reviewed so it’s in one handy spot. Let me know if I’ve missed one of your favorites.  Here’s my recap of what a variety of folks believe will be hot in 2014.


What’s the new ‘it’ food?

Freekeh is the new Quinoa

Cauliflower is the new Kale

Vegetables are the new Meat

Beans are the new Whole Grains

Whole Fish is the new Whole Hog

Midwestern is the new Southern

Shakshuka is the new Eggs Benedict

Matcha is the new Kombucha

Gochujang is the new Sriracha

Lardo is the new Pork Belly

Sumac is the new Smoked Paprika

Maple Water is the new Coconut Water

Ice Cream Sandwiches are the new Cupcakes

Sour is the new Sweet

Cast-Iron Pans are the new Plate

Snacks are the new Meal

Supermarkets are the new Culinary Schools

Real Food is the new Fast Food


Review of 2014 trend predictions:


Brazilian, Regional Mexican, Indian, Tasmanian, Jewish Fusion, Peruvian, High-End Asian, Fancy BBQ


Za’atar, Sumac, Greek Yogurt (especially savory), Gochujang, Haute Honey, Edible Trees and Firs


Cauliflower, Sea Beans, Bitter Greens (beyond kale), Veggie Fries (beyond potatoes), Root Vegetables, Jerusalem Artichokes


Freekeh, Kaniwa (Baby Quinoa), Buckwheat, Non-Wheat Noodles, Biscuits


Pork, Rabbit, Game Meats, Chicken, Beef Heart, Beans, Veg-Meat Hybrids (e.g. mushroom burgers), Posh Jerkey, Trash Fish, Octopus, Fluke, Fish Cheeks, Teres Major, Tofu


Lardo, Chicken Schmaltz, Whipped Chicken Liver Butter, Chicken Skin, Exotic Oils (coconut, avocado, hazelnut, porcini, benne seed)


Ice Cream Sandwiches, Eclairs, Parfaits, Made-to-Order Liquid Nitro Ice Cream, Retro Sweets


Craft Sodas, Tea, Nut Milks, Cold-Pressed Juices, Infused Ice Cubes, Matcha Green Tea, Maple Water, Solid Cocktails, Gin, Barrel-Aged Cocktails

Food Prep

Fermentation, Pickling, Smoking, Craft Everything, Tableside Presentation, Upscale Comfort Food

Food Issues

Food Waste, GMOs, Gluten-Free, Food Dyes, Sustainability, Food Origins, Packaging, Food Expiration Dates, Hunger, Healthy Kids Meals

Sources of 2014 trend lists:

National Restaurant Association
The Food Channel
Food Network
Baum + Whiteman
Andrew Freeman & Co.
Sterling-Rice Group
Innova Market Insights
Cooking Light
Good Housekeeping
Eating Well
Forbes Travel Guide
Seattle Times
McCormick’s Flavor Forecast
Campbell’s Culinary and Baking Institute
New Nutrition Business
Food Navigator
Supermarket Guru


Images:  Freekeh by Traveling Table on flickr; Cast-iron pan by shelly.mcgown on flickr


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