Freekeh is the New Quinoa


Ok.  I’ve already said that.

I first made that declaration four years ago — or I asked that question.  But now it seems others have come to the same conclusion.  For instance, freekeh was the hot new grain at the recent Fancy Foods Show, and it showed up on several 2014 trend lists that I’ve already written about.

Thankfully, it’s a lot easier to find freekeh these days.  I no longer need to head to the Middle Eastern markets here in Chicago to buy it.

So now there’s no excuse for you to try it.  Swap it for your favorite quinoa recipe, or use freekeh instead of rice or pasta.  You might even try it for breakfast.

Yes, freekeh and other whole grains — from bulgur and barley to amaranth and farro — can be cooked just like oatmeal.   Some of these grains offer a bigger bite, a chewier texture than oatmeal.  So they’re a hearty, satisfying way to start your day.

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Freekeh image courtesy of  A Stack of Dishes  and Healthy Aperture.

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