Spaghetti Squash is Taking a Star Turn


All of a sudden, it seems, spaghetti squash has become a breakout star.

This long, yellow gourd — which has a unique ability to turn into spaghetti-like strands when roasted —  has been blowing up on blogs, Pinterest and Instagram.  A recent search on Healthy Aperture  resulted in nearly 80 different recipes for spaghetti squash.

The range of dishes include spaghetti squash topped with marinara or pesto sauce, combined with meatballs, made into a casserole, turned into a salad, stuffed inside the gourd, molded into patties and transformed into Thai-inspired noodle dishes.  You’ll also find several posts that provide a step-by-step guide for successfully roasting spaghetti squash to achieve the ideal noodle-like consistency.

A search on Pinterest  unearthed spaghetti squash converted into lasagna, mac & cheese, pizza crust, black bean Mexican bowls, Buffalo chicken noodles, crepes, quinoa cakes, quiche, fritters and hash browns.  Is there anything spaghetti squash can’t do?

Check out the spaghetti squash phenomenon on my most recent Trend Spotlight for Healthy Aperture that explores the trend of  Non-Wheat Noodles.

Have you tried spaghetti squash?  What’s your favorite way to prepare this delightful pasta imposter?






Image by dinner cakes on flickr

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