Read Between The Lines: Not All Health and Fitness Blogs Are Real


It may look like a blog.  It may seem like a blog.  But it’s not.

There’s a big problem going on.  Not sure if you realize.

This is happening to a lot of bloggers, but it just burns me up.  My blog posts are regularly picked up by “spam” websites.  These are sites that get all their content from other sources — literally scraping blog posts and putting it up on their own site (which solely exists to sell advertising and promote external links).  Sure, sometimes there’s a small credit line back to the author, but it’s primarily positioned as written by someone from the site.

For example, two of these websites recently lifted my blog post about FDA’s proposed label changes.  See for yourself.

Health and Fitness Lifestyles

Running USA

Do you think they went on CNN to talk about the label changes like I mentioned in my original post?  Don’t think so.

Do you think they actually cooked spaghetti squash or freekeh?  Those were two of my recent blog posts that were scraped without my permission. It happens virtually every time I post.

You look through either of these sites and all the content belongs to someone else.  It’s harder than you think to shut this down.  But we must.

Here’s an excellent article about content scrapers — how to find them and what to do about it.

In the meantime, be sure you’re not following these two blogs.  If you’re a blogger, see if they’re stealing your content.  Don’t like them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.  Don’t give them any more credibility.

Let’s see if they steal this post!



image courtesy of UKFCA on flickr

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  • Jill Castle

    I’ve been burned by content scraping too and it’s no fun. Thanks to another blogger, I found over 50 of my posts published on another blog–my posts essentially were the nutrition content on the website! I emailed directly, asked them to take it down within a short time frame and they did–

  • This is really alarming! I got tired of blogging for other reasons but I will add this one on my list as well. I am just so sick of self-proclaimed authors and experts…You can not trust what you read.
    Internet offers a lot good opportunities to people but I guess the freedom comes with a price tag.
    Nice to see you here Jill. I like your blog and work a lot. Big fan!

  • Thanks for your comments. Jill, glad you took action. For an update on my, I got in touch with Running USA and they have since taken down my post on the nutrition nutrition labels — and all my previous posts. To their credit, they have a section on their website to report if you feel like your copyright has been violated. I responded, and they took down. However, their entire business model is based on stolen posts, so the rest of the site is still content that was taken without permission. For other bloggers who have posts appearing on this site. Here’s the link to complain:

  • AqiylHenry

    I don’t mind syndicating sites using my articles as long as they credit me with a link back to my site. There was one case where a health site that is supposedly run by a doctor used my article and it seemed like the article was written by the doctor. I found the article because the article included several links to of vital information on my site. With have to be careful with the internet because everything as not as it seems.


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