2015 Culinary Trend Predictions

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 It’s that time of year.

The 2015 food trend lists are beginning to appear.  One of the early predictions are from Baum + Whitman, international food and restaurant consultants based in Brooklyn.  They always have a comprehensive and entertaining list of food and beverage trends in restaurants and hotel dining.

Here are a few of the highlights.

America has rediscovered oysters.  They’re cheap because bays, inlets and tidal basins are being detoxed, so farmers are reseeding old oyster beds and discovering new ones.
Beyond the traditional,  new toppings include lemongrass cocktail sauce, yuzu koshu dressing, muscatel mignonette with tarragon, kimchee or horseradish granita and chorizo butter.

Ugly Root Vegetables
Celery root, parsnips and kohlrabi are grabbing attention in restaurant kitchens — fried, mashed, pureed, granite, flavored with cured pork or smoked honey.

Nut of the year.

Beyond Sriracha
Look for lots more sweet-spicy sauces and condiments.  Chefs and big restaurant chains are experimenting with piquant honey:  habanero honey, jalapeño honey and ghost chili honey.

Savory Waffles
Entrees and sandwiches made with waffles.

Green tea powder in everything — from drinks to desserts.

Japanese Snack Foods
Japan is flavor crazy, so what sticks there might make it here. Products include Lay’s Hot & Sour Fish Soup Potato Chips, Shrimp and Mayonnaise Doritos, KFC’s salty ginger-chicken chips and Pepsi-flavored Cheetos.
The principal is clear:  there’s a restless palate syndrome affecting millennials.

Crickets and other insects may be appearing in your protein bar.

This spreadable, red-peppered sausage from Calabria is now finding its way onto pasta, melting over pork chops, spiking mushrooms over focaccia and blended into vinaigrettes as sauces for fish. If bold flavors are a trend, this eye-stinging mushy salami is next year’s bold flavor.

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Not just for sushi anymore.  Seaweed may not be the next kale, but it’ on the upslope of the trendline — showing up in poaching broths, seafood sauces, and risotto.

Iced Lattes
Boozed or not.

Flavored Salts

Savory Yogurts and Ice Creams

Shaved Ice Dessert

Upscaling ever spicier ramen noodles, Japanese or cross-cultural.

Pimm’s Cup
It’s coming back.

Hummus Without Borders

Beyond Beer
Cocktails with beer are finding favor in trendy bars.  Watch out for Micheladas (or cervesa preparada), a beer-based drink enlivened with a bevy of sauces and spices.


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