Compilation of 2015 Food Trends: A Roundup of Culinary Predictions


 harissa baked oysters/pyrogenic

Forget kale and quinoa.  2015 will have its own trendy foods to talk about.  Cauliflower is emerging as the next kale, and millet may be the new quinoa.  But there are lots of good vegetable and whole-grain contenders to help us branch out in 2015.  Looking for new tastes in the new year?  It’s shaping up to be quite flavorful.  Harissa may be the new Sriracha.  Global spice blends will be big, including za’atar (one of my favorites!), shawarma spice blend and togarashi, or Japanese 7 Spice.  We’ll be using more fermented flavorings, such as miso and gochujang.  And everything will be smoked, including cocktails and desserts.

For the last few years, I’ve tried to compile all of the food trend lists I’ve spotted. It seems the predictions for 2015 are more plentiful than ever and they come out earlier and earlier each year.  Here’s what I’ve been tracking, along with links at the end to all of the sources.  Hope it’s helpful to you!  Let me know in the comments if I’ve missed one of your favorite 2015 prediction or trend list. Happy eating in the New Year!


togarashi/McCormick Flavor Forecast


smoked, bitter, sour + salt, harissa, peri peri, za’atar, sumac, hot honey (habanero, jalapeño, chili honey), matcha (green tea powder), ahi, gochujang, togarashi (Japanese 7 Spice), marash pepper, Aleppo pepper, smoked spices, savory jams, real maple syrup, flavored salts, coconut sugar, hemp seeds, jalapeno, culinary cannabis


Zucchini noodles/Sharyn Morrow

Food Preparations/Techniques

fermentation, smoking, flavor without fat (rotisserie, slow roasting), DIY food bars (crostini stations, s’mores bars), spiralizing vegetables


Spain, Middle Eastern, Japan, Vietnam, New Age Asian, Korea, Filipino, farm-to-table kosher

Food Issues/Marketing

food waste, sustainable packaging, restaurant tipping, advanced tickets for restaurants, healthier kids’ meals, nutrition labels no longer just on packaged foods (apps, bar codes), supermarkets convert into socializing spaces, grocery shopping goes 24/7 online, fresh food delivery, GMO-free, artificial colors/flavors, gluten-free, return of fats


roasted cauliflower/chiot’s run


ugly root vegetables (celery root, parsnips, kohlrabi), cauliflower (in all its forms, including cauliflower “steaks,” “rice” and pizza crusts), seaweed beyond sushi, radishes, hybrid vegetables such as kalette (kale + Brussels sprouts), broccoflower (broccoli + cauliflower, broccolini (broccoli + Chinese broccoli), rainbow carrots, purple vegetables, spiralized vegetables (veggie noodles like zoodles made from zucchini), kimchi in new places, legumes

buddha's hand

  Buddha’s hand/Dave White


citrons, Buddha’s hand, finger limes, baobab, soursop


toasting millet/Lucy Crabapple

Grains/Baked Goods

millet, kaniwa, teff, freekeh, Chinese bing bread (shoaling, a flaky flatbread), kolache, steamed breads, pita-style bread, naan, gluten-free, local grains, spicy ramen noodles, sprouted grains, fancy toast


Labneh/McCormick Flavor Forecast


savory yogurt, cultured butter, labneh, full-fat yogurt, frozen kefir, stracchino

365.236: Nduja

nduja/Jessica Spengler


nduja (spreadable spicy salami), oysters, bacaloa (dried salt cod), beef tongue, collar, grass-fed beef, free-range bacon, Nashville hot chicken, newfangled and classic tacos, insects, plant-based proteins (especially from legumes),  pistachios, nut butters, sipping broths

hummus PicMonkey Collage

FNCE Exhibits/Janet Helm


Middle Eastern mezze, hummus without borders (beet, edamame, Thai chili, cilantro-chimichurri, lemongrass-chili), seafood charcuterie, Japanese snack foods (flavor-crazy), small plates


Peanut butter and jelly waffle/Nicholas Erwin


gyros, waffle sandwiches, savory kolaches

11790806863_a1ecd58a47_zAvocado toast/Alpha


savory waffles, avocado toast,  avocado + eggs, stuffed pancakes, s’mores pancakes, fancy French toast


Matcha ice cream sandwiches/Kirinohana


shaved iced desserts, savory ice creams, cookies and cookie bars, hybrids like “brookies” (brownies and cookies), soft serve, retro candy, matcha desserts, smoked desserts


smoking negroni/Chris Goldberg


nitro coffee (a cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen), gin, scotch, sherry, small-batch whiskies, creme de pamplemousse (grapefruit liqueur), herbal liqueurs, shrub-based cocktails, smoked cocktails,  hop-free beers, easy-drinking wines from Portugal (Vinho Verde), Old Fashioned, ’70s throwback cocktails (Long Island Iced Teas, White Russians), Pimm’s Cup, port, stouts, Micheladas (spicy beer-based drink), flavored spirits, matcha green tea, coconut everything, cold-pressed juice bars (next-gen coffee houses), artisan cider, high-end tea

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