10 New Food Trends for 2015, Part 2

I’m back again with 10 new food trends, this time reporting on insights from Suzy Badaracco of Culinary Tides who calls these food industry trends that were missed by forecasters for 2015.  It’s a great list, but I’m not sure these were totally missed.  I’ve certainly had my eye on these trends for a while. Freekeh?  Hey, I wrote about that in 2010. Savory yogurts, jerky and other meat snacks, tea. Yeah, duly noted.  Many of these trends were spotted at the summer Fancy Food Show, which were featured in the July issue of Datassential’s FoodBytes.

Here’s Suzy’s list that was a two-parter on FoodableTV, along with some commentary from me.

supereats chips

Chip Nouveau

The next generation of chips are are no longer made with simply potatoes or corn. Modern-day alternative chips are expanding into new boundaries including beans, hummus, sweet potato, quinoa, kale, carrot, black sesame, chia seeds, cassava and more.

Duke's JerkyWhat a Jerk

“The dried meat cult has gone public and no protein is off limits. There is prosciutto wound around into a rope, turkey, spare ribs, bacon, salmon, white fish, buffalo, rabbit, and duck to name a few. And the flavor combos are just as exhilarating with Caribbean Jerk, Sriracha, Pale Ale, and ginger sprinkling the mix.”  I certainly saw a lot of jerkyat the recent National Restaurant Association and Sweets & Snacks shows.  Duke’s Small Batch Smoked Meats, pictured above, had an impressive showing and I sampled several varieties.


3-D Dairy

“Cheese, yogurt, milk, and dairy-based smoothies are more complex than they used to be, more 3-Dimensional. Cheese is now peppered with herbs, fennel, truffles, chili, garlic and other delicious add-ins. Yogurt is moving more savory with cucumber, basil, and olives. And smoothies are a grain’s best friend right now as they have been seen mixing it up with chia, oats, and quinoa.”  I love the trend of savory yogurt, and there’s been a lot of interesting new players, including Sohha Savory Yogurt.  The trend has been getting lots of coverage, like this recent segment on NPR.


 Alcohol Spills Out of the Bar

“Spirits have moved out of the bar and into the kitchen. There has long been rum in cakes and brandy in chocolate sauce, but now they are joined by Jack Daniels mustard, beer peanut brittle, merlot cherry ice cream, maple syrup made in bourbon barrels, and IPA pickles.”  It’s amazing how Jack Daniels has built an entire business on the culinary applications — beyond mustard, you can find Jack Daniels steak sauces, barbecue sauces, marinades and baked goods.

gazpachoDrinkable Soups

“Gazpacho seems to be the poster child, but the secret is out… drink your soup for health, satiety, and deliciousness!” Tio makes a line of gazpacho soups that can be sipped on the go — no bowl required.

Clockless Eating

The blurring of day-parts is helping to fuel the all-day breakfast, late night snacking, and small plate trends. Clockless eating manifests itself in various ways. Younger generations are among the no-rules clockless crowd, where meals and snacks are not tied to any particular foods or times.
Hacker Chic and DIY Upgrades
“It’s the Wikipedia way for devices. Consumers want to tweak, personalize and upgrade devices so they better fit their lives and needs.”
Tea Cocktails
Tea has sidled up to the bar, getting cozy with whiskey, wine and rum. It’s also crossed over into the seasoning arena as well.  Dataessential reported on many companies at the Fancy Food Show that were infusing tea and tea flavors into a range of products for the health halo and sophistication factor associated with tea — from tea-infused ice creams and popsicles to goat milk chai caramels.
freekeh bobsAlternative Grains
“Freekeh, grits, farro, oh my! These have ties to consumers’ experimental mood and regional and global cuisine interests. Freekeh is coming in through middle Eastern and North African influences, grits from the Deep South, and farro from Italy.”  As mentioned earlier, I love cooking with freekeh.  I’m also a big fan of farro, and one of my favorite whole-grain salads is this creation from Charlie Bird.  The rise of ancient grains has been on virtually on trend lists, and grits are getting new love due to the growing popularity of Southern cuisine.
5662591982_18b6b41275_zCuban and “Floribbean” foods
Now with the opening of travel restrictions, the race to discover Cuba’s food secrets is on. Floribbean is closely tied to Cuban food and finds it influences from visitors and immigrants from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica and others. Florida is acting as the gateway for both cuisines.



Images: from manufacturers + tea cocktail by Monica Muller on flickr, breakfast all day by Marcello on flickr, cuban sandwich by Rusty Gillespie on flickr




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