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7842721042_2589a9547e_zTest kitchens becoming scarce among recipe creators 
Although recipes are plentiful online and in cookbooks, it is often up to home cooks to test their reliability due to the recent closing of test kitchens nationwide. “Cookbook publishers trust their authors to do the recipe testing, but with cookbook advances declining to next to nothing, few writers can afford to hire independent testers to make sure the recipes really work,” writes Russ Parsons.
An ATM-style, robotic grocery store could be coming 
Des Moines, Iowa, might be the first market to test a standalone grocery store that is a cross between “an ATM and a very large vending machine,” using a robotic system called Oasis24Seven, reports Ashlee Kieler of Consumerist. Grocery stores are increasing using technology to monitor shopping as well as tackle in-store theft.
Reinventing classic cocktails hasn’t gone out of style 
Bars across the U.S. are reinventing such classic cocktails as the French 75, Sidecar, Old Fashioned, daiquiri and martini by experimenting with different ratios and ingredients. “As people have been demanding more authenticity in their food, wine, beer, coffee, tea, etc., it was only a matter of time before we saw an increased interest in classic cocktails,” bartender and author of “The Bar Book” Jeffrey Morgenthaler said.
Millennials drive flavor innovation in the dairy aisle 
Millennials are driving flavor innovations in yogurt and other dairy products, and producers are increasingly incorporating savory flavors such as tomato, sweet potato, parsnip, ginger, curry and green tea. Seasonal flavors and others inspired by Hispanic and Asian cuisines are becoming more popular “as consumers’ palates demand more complex and intense flavors,” Sensient Flavors’ Marketing Manager Azeem Mateen said.
New Starbucks menu items aim for the lunch, dinner crowds 
Starbucks is beefing up its lunch and dinner options in its push to expand beyond breakfast and compete for dining dollars in other dayparts. New summer items include the BBQ Beef Brisket on Sourdough and the Chicken Santa Fe Sandwich.
Food entrepreneurs featured in new campaign for Triscuit 
Via Adweek
I love this new “Makers of More” campaign for Triscuit created by McGarryBowen Chicago that shows how five food entrepreneurs use the simple cracker as a base for some no-frills, delicious recipes. “We have a fantastic product and wanted to unlock a new way for people to use it by repositioning Triscuit as a canvas that inspires food makers every day,” said McGarryBowen’s Michael Straznickas. See one of the videos below:

Top chefs prepare to swap restaurants for a night 
Via Forbes
Thirty-seven of the world’s top chefs will swap restaurants on July 9 as part of the Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle. In addition to running a dinner shift in a new restaurant, chefs will go through the motions of their contemporaries’ lives, staying in their homes and spending time with their families. “Once you dare to do something different, you open yourself up to learn something new,” said Rene Redzepi of Denmark’s Noma restaurant.
Frito-Lay launches first mobile-only promotion 
Frito-Lay is partnering with social media celebrities for its first mobile-only campaign promoting its limited-edition Doritos Jacked 3D Bacon Cheddar Ranch snacks. The campaign focuses on the three-dimensional shape of the chips and allows users to access videos by luminaries such as YouTube’s Freddy Wong and BMX’s Tim Knoll by scanning bags of the new variety or the Jalapeno Pepper Jack flavor.
images courtesy of Tim Sackton (cookbooks) and Jax House (sidecar cocktails) on flickr


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