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1464436338_12ebbbfc9f_zIs bacon-flavored seaweed the new kale?
Via U.S. News & World Report/The Associated Press and Time

This story seemed to be everywhere, and dulse seaweed isn’t even a new thing.  This “parsley of the sea” is eaten in other parts of the world and you can buy it here in the U.S. in dried form.  But the news this week was about the efforts of scientists at Oregon State University who have patented a new strain of dulse seaweed that they say tastes like bacon, is twice as nutritious as kale, and can be farmed and eaten fresh.  I guess if you say something tastes like bacon, people are going to sit up and take notice.

Souring on sweet: concerns about sugar spur sour flavors
Via Food Navigator

Health concerns about sugar are driving people away from sweet-tasting foods and toward more sour flavors, from kimchi to kombucha and other sour beverages like drinking vinegars, known as shrubs, according to Mintel. Many people also are turning to Greek yogurt, which analyst Stephanie Mattucci said is higher in protein than other yogurts and has a sour flavor that gives the perception of being less sweet.  Sour fruits are also gaining popularity, including Chinese sour plum and German sour apple. marshmallow soup Marshmallows move from campfire to fine dining
Via Fortune 

The under-celebrated white puffball is finding its way into some upscale restaurants’ menus. And they’re not just being used as ingredients for desserts — they’re in vegetables, main dishes and cocktails, and more.

White House featured young chefs’ dishes at Kids State Dinner
Via New York Times

First lady Michelle Obama host the Kids State Dinner to showcase some of the kid-created dishes that won this year’s Healthy Lunchtime Challenge. Fifty-four children from all 50 states and four territories that took part in the challenge attended (including RD colleague Mitzi Dulan and her daughter representing Kansas), and the menu will include eight winning dishes ranging from Oodles of Zoodles with Avocado Pistachio Pesto to Vegan Superhero Soup.

Denver food hall to incubate new eateries
Via The Denver Post

Avanti Food & Beverage, set to open in a trendy Denver neighborhood on Monday, is a food hall-incubator hybrid that aims to help new restaurant concepts get their start. “It’s pretty much perfect for an up-and-coming chef who wants to take that next step and see if they can open up a restaurant,” said John DePierro, who with Michael Nevarez is starting noodle concept MiJo.

New restaurant concepts put experiences on the menu
Via SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Food & Beverage

Hangout concepts like Nashville’s Pinewood Social and food halls such as the Chicago French Market illustrate a growing trend toward mixing dining with experiences, writes Datassential’s Maeve Webster. “As the industry evolves and competition increases, it’s no longer just about serving great food — but also about having a great social atmosphere and creating a complete experience that sets one operator apart from another.”

Pizza is increasingly a Chipotle-like experience
Via Business Insider

Brands such as Pieology, Blaze Pizza and Chipotle’s Pizzeria Locale are challenging longtime chains such as Pizza Hut with high-quality ingredients and custom-made pizza. “Millennials … are more knowledgeable [about food] and boomers are looking for healthier options, trying to live a healthier lifestyle so they can live longer,” said Synergy Restaurant Consultants CEO Dean Small.

pipcornPopcorn, meat snacks showcased at Summer Fancy Food Show

Several popcorn innovators were showcased at the Summer Fancy Food Show this year, reflecting the 60% boost in ready-to-eat popcorn sales since 2012, according to Rabobank. Among the leading brands were kettle-flavored Pipcorn by Pipsnacks, Tiny but Mighty popcorn with smaller kernels by Tiny but Mighty Foods, and Halfpops semi-popped corn. Meat snacks, which grew 13% in dollar sales last year according to I.R.I., were also highly represented, including Wild Zora Foods, which combines meat with organic vegetables and fruits, Three Jerks Jerky gourmet jerky and New Zealand Jerky.

Chefs reflect after swapping kitchens for a night
Via Bon Appétit online and New York magazine

Thirty-seven top chefs walked a night in each other’s’ shoes after swapping restaurants and lives for the Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle. Danny Bowien of Mission Chinese Food flew to Copenhagen to run the kitchen at Noma, while Noma’s Rene Redzepi presented a menu at Nahm in Bangkok. Italian chef Massimo Bottura put his own spin on some of the signature dishes at Momofuku Ko, such as a shaved foie gras dish with cherries.

James Beard Foundation will bring food tour to 10 U.S. cities
Via American City Business Journals/Phoenix and San Francisco Chronicle

The James Beard Foundation will host culinary events featuring local chefs in 10 U.S. cities this fall as part of its national food tour Taste America: Local Flavor from Coast To Coast. Events include an Italian dinner in San Francisco and a night of cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in Phoenix.

twinkies sushiTwinkies celebrates 85 years with cookbook, launches Minions Twinkies
Via Los Angeles Times and CSP

Hostess has republished its “The Twinkies Cookbook” in honor of the confection’s 85th anniversary, which includes such recipes as Twinkie sushi, Twinkie corndogs and a Twinkie burger that uses the cakes as buns for a hamburger, bacon, brie cheese and sriracha. The brand also recently launched Minions Twinkies, featuring edible stickers to decorate the cakes, which are shaped like the animated characters.


Images: Dulse from Holy Island, Northumberland by Akuppa John Wigham ; Butternut Squash Soup with Ginger Marshmallows by degustingdiary ; Pipcorn by The Experimental Gourmand ; Twinkie Sushi by Dawn Casey on flickr

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