Food and Beverage Dining Trends: A Look at 2016 Buzzwords

Baum + Whiteman just released their 11 Hottest Food and Beverage Dining Trends in Restaurant and Hotels, 2016.  Here’s a quick summary of the key buzzwords they identified.


Falafel appearing as vegetables in serious restaurants.

Kombucha going mainstream.

Burnt vegetables.

Nashville Hot Chicken.

Everything bagel seasoning mix.

Root-to-stalk cooking, and “vegetable forward” restaurants.

Poke. (Hawaiian poke was also a hot trend identified by Sterling Rice Group)


Globalized ramen.

Adding seaweed to popcorn.

General Tso flavorings.

Philippine cuisine.

Alcoholic beverages in quick-service restaurants.

Food halls.

3-D food printers.

“Shack” in restaurant names.

Chains going “clean,” replacing artificial ingredients.

Values, not value (scrutinizing restaurants’ policies on health & wellness, sustainability, GMO, animal welfare, employee wages).

War on food waste.

More automation and kiosks in restaurants to speed service and save labor.

Build-your-own options.


Images: falafel by MrTinDC , poke by Frank Farm  on flickr


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  • Liv Faye

    There appear to be more positive trends rather than negative, that is awesome! I’m excited to see how much 3D food printers wil influence the market. Food waste is something I’ve definitely got involved into lately, specially after learning about ugly produce! Lovin’ these roundups, what are your thoughts?

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