2019 Food Trends: Buzz-Worthy Foods and Ingredients You Need to Know

Get ready. 2019 food trend predictions are happening.

One of the first reports to be released is from Baum + Whiteman, international food and restaurant consultants based in Brooklyn.  Here are a few highlights from their list of the hottest food and beverage trends in restaurant and hotel dining for 2019.

Shiso leaf goes mainstream


King Oyster mushrooms


Tahini in unexpected places

Oat milk craze wiping out other alt-dairy milks, probably boosting other oat products

Food from the stans: Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and other breakaway republics from the former Soviet Union

French cooking will make its annual comeback

Jewish restaurant food continues its growth curve

Edible flowers

Floral infusions in plain old water

Hemp and cannabis in cocktails, soft drinks, beer and cooking

Low-calorie vegan ice cream

Umami-boosting, meat-aging Koji

Asian pastry/sandwich shops

Katsu sando (pork or chicken cutlet sandwich)

Pour-your-own-beer systems

Duck and chicken liver preparations in restaurants that people trust

No-alcohol cocktails at fancy martini prices

Szechuan peppercorns reappear in Chinese Hot Pots and Dry Pots

Hard seltzer

Sour Calamansi aka Calamondin

After the last straw local governments launch war on Styrofoam

More chefs taking on activist roles on environmental degradation, and disaster food relief (thank you Jose Andres)


Image credits:

Hokkaido sea urchin with shiso leaves, yuzu kosho, elderflower jelly, kimchi and seaweed by City Foodsters on flickr

Katsu sandwich by Megumi on flickr

King Oyster mushrooms courtesy of Wendell Smith on flickr


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