Butterfly Pea Flower Trend: Are You Up on This Latest Craze on Instagram and in Cocktail Bars?

Do you know about butterfly pea flower?

It’s been called the mood ring of drinks and is a top beverage trend for 2019. It’s currently blowing up on Instagram – featured in cocktails, tea drinks, lemonade, desserts, blue rice and “unicorn” noodles.

Even if you haven’t heard of butterfly pea flower yet, it’s hard to miss the distinctive blue hue that’s been brightening up blogs and newsfeeds. Or maybe you spotted someone sipping an intriguing jewel-toned drink during happy hour, or carrying a striking blue bubble tea or latte.

If you’re new to butterfly pea flower, hope you’ll check out my most recent article for U.S. News & World Report What’s Up With Butterfly Pea Flower?


Photo courtesy of Sara Stierch on flickr

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