Hi, I’m Janet Helm


I’m a writer, registered dietitian, nutrition communications consultant and mom of twins. My passion is translating nutrition science into intelligible words – and healthy food choices. I want to help people make sense of nutrition news. I don’t think it needs to be complicated or confusing. I’m a former media spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and have discussed the latest hot topics on nutrition on various TV outlets, including Good Morning America, Today, ABC News and CNN. I previously lived in New York, where I taught nutrition education at New York University.

I now live in Chicago, where I’ve been a frequent contributor to the Chicago Tribune. I recently wrote my first book with the editors of Cooking Light magazine, The Food Lover’s Healthy Habits Cookbook. I hope you’ll check it out!  It’s based on the 12 healthy habits series in the magazine. To help people find trusted nutrition information online, I created the Nutrition Blog Network, an aggregator of 800+ blogs written by registered dietitians. To help illustrate how taste and health can beautifully and successfully co-exist, I created Healthy Aperture with fellow dietitian and blogger Regan Jones. This is the first online food photo gallery focused on healthy food, created and curated by registered dietitians. I write a Trend Spotlight column for Healthy Aperture. Look for Nutrition Blog Network and Healthy Aperture on Facebook and Twitter.  I’m also a blogger for U.S. News & World Report.  Hope you’ll check out my articles for the Eat + Run blog.

My promise to you

I will abide by ethical blogging, which includes strict adherence to the FTC guidelines for bloggers.  I will disclose to you if I receive a free book or product to review, or if anything I write is sponsored in any way.  My thoughts and opinions are my own, and they are not related to my employer, Weber Shandwick. Please see more in my disclosure statement.  Your privacy is important to me — learn more about my privacy policy.

My goal

To connect people to the resources they need to debunk nutrition myths, clear up the confusion, enjoy good food and improve their health.

My mission

Helping people cut through the clutter and focus on the fad-free facts about nutrition.

What I believe

Nutrition is too often mired in myths, misinformation and misery.
Food should be enjoyed, not feared.
Some nutrition claims and evangelists should be viewed with a skeptical eye.
Nutrition is a science, not a point of view.
If something sounds too good to be true — it usually is.
No single food is the downfall of the American diet — or a savior.
Taste and health can happily co-exist.
It’s important to eat what you love and love what you eat.




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