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Janet Helm, a registered dietitian and journalist, casts a critical eye on hot topics, from saturated fat (is it really OK?) to the rise of Frankenfoods. You’ll find a lot on trendy eats (like kombucha) and diet hypes.
Words of Wisdom: Fresh isn’t always best. Frozen produce can be just as nutritious: “If you tend to leave your fresh veggies a little too long in the crisper drawer, the nutrient content can plummet.”


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Chicago-based dietitian Janet Helm has definitely cooked up a top-notch nutrition blog! Her blog is well-known for covering the hottest food topics in the country – discussing trendy new foods, new diet reviews, food crazes and fads, and more. What we like most about Janet’s blog is that she’s not afraid to bring forward controversy for further discussion. For the science junkies, this blog is loaded with good, solid facts and information. But Janet doesn’t tell you what not to eat. Instead, she brings science to the table so readers can sniff out the quackery themselves.

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Chicago-based dietitian Janet Helm discusses everything from the newest diet trends to food crazes and fads, backed up with lots of facts and information. A sort of mix of myth debunking and nutritional news all in one place.

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Nutrition Unplugged is one of those blogs that you can get lost in for hours… or even days! There are hundreds of amazing, beautiful and inspiring posts on everything from healthy eating to nutrition to delicious, mouthwatering recipes. This is one blog I know I can always go to to get inspired and learn some new ways of thinking about health and healthy eating.

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I’m a Nutrition Unplugged junkie because it’s a great place to get all kinds of myth debunking and nutritional news in one place. Written by a dietitian, the blog includes nutrition articles that have been featured in media outlets from the LA Times to New York Newsday


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Janet Helm’s not a twin, but she’s a mother of twins – as well as a writer, registered dietitian, and a nutrition communications consultant. She’s been featured on Good Morning America, Today, ABC News and CNN for her nutrition expertise. You can find her on her blog where she hands out valuable nutrition tips like why we need labels how we eat and debunks popular food myths like whether the recent coconut craze is all it’s cracked out to be.

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Janet is a writer, a registered dietitian, and a mom of twins. She specializes in taking nutritional mumbo jumbo and translating it into something we can all understand. Over at Nutrition Unplugged, she helps people cut through the clutter and focus on the fad-free facts about nutrition. She’s been a media spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association as well as discussed the latest hot topics on nutrition on various TV outlets, including Good Morning America, Today, ABC News and CNN.



Janet is a dietitian and mom who translates scientific jargon into understandable and relatable nutrition advice. She’s a nutrition myth buster on a mission to help people enjoy food while living a balanced and healthy lifestyle.



Trusted nutritional information is hard to find and even harder to understand. Nutrition Unplugged aims to debunk diet myths and deliver natural ways to improve their readers health. This site replaces your need of unsafe diet scams with delicious recipes that will have you craving for more.


Janet Helm is a longtime, Chicago-based registered dietitian and another no-nonsense smarty. She does a great job of debunking nutrition myths, picks apart nutrition trends that aren’t worth following (read: fad diets), takes a close look at new food products, and is always up on the latest trends.

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A Chicago based writer and registered dietitian reports the real truth behind the latest food fads and sorts through the myths and false claims surrounding nutrition in the news. A must-add for your RSS feed.

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Follow a dietitian’s blog for nutrition news you can trust. If you find the right sources (among plenty of bad ones), the web can be a good place to learn more about healthful eating. Our favorite smart, entertaining, and informative nutrition blog: NutritionUnplugged.com. Blogger Janet Helm is a Registered Dietitian and appeals to consumers, moms, foodies, science junkies and anyone interested in knowing more about what they’re eating.

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When I want to know what’s trendy in nutrition, this is where I head. Fried chicken is the new pork belly? Registered dietitian Janet Helm is often the first to report on new brand offerings, top chefs and the restaurant world.


Want to stay up to date on hot nutrition topics with one of the #1 dietitian bloggers? Then make Nutrition Unplugged a regular read. It covers food news, trends, and assorted nutrition info once to a few times a week. Janet blends her nutrition knowledge with her astute understanding of trends and ability to sniff out nutrition quackery. Beyond her regular blog, Nutrition Unplugged is filled with past blog posts and links to other nutrition and food blogs and websites high on Janet’s recommended list.

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The first expert I want to introduce you to is a local blogger who blogs about nutrition. I read a ton of articles from several different bloggers on a daily basis and I’ve found this blogger to be particularly informative and very up-to-date and the best part is, is that she’s from Chicago! Her name is Janet Helm and she writes a blog called Nutrition Unplugged. Her mission is to: Translate nutrition science into intelligible words – and healthy food choices. She wants to help people make sense of nutrition news. She believes food should be enjoyed, not feared. And thinks taste and health can happily co-exist. Her blog certainly follows through on her mission and I agree with Janet, healthy food can be delicious.

Mark Beier, Chicago Now


I admire Janet Helm’s way of using well researched posts to dispel common nutrition myths.

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Yes, there are delicious recipes here, but nutrition journalist Janet Helm takes nutrition blogging to the next level by offering salient thoughts and opinions about diet myths, food trends and healthy eating habits.


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Nutrition Unplugged: Janet is a writer, registered dietitian and mom of twins. Her passion is translating nutrition science into easy-to-digest words — and healthy food choices. With her blog, she connects people to the resources they need to debunk nutrition myths, enjoy good food and improve their health.

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I don’t usually make personal endorsements… so this posting is a bit off-center for me. But I have to give a thumbs up to fellow RD Janet Helm for not only her recent posting on her blog Nutrition Unplugged, but in general, her ability to boil down nutrition info into easy to understand language that most of us… well… can understand. Her recent posting on Kombucha is spot-on… and I love how she addresses both the good and the bad on the topic (a tact of hers that I find so refreshing… rather than all the one-sided “bad” press on so many topics.) Janet’s made a career out of being an RD who brings nutrition info to the masses, rather than patient by patient. And I applaud her for her work. If you’re interested in subscribing to a blog that’s always on top of the latest nutrition debate, give hers a try.

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Dietitian Janet Helm, a frequent Good Eating contributor, aims to get the facts out about nutrition information and fads. For instance, one recent post noted that eating an apple will deliver more antioxidants than expensive so-called super juices, such as MonaVie that contain acai, goji berries, mangosteen and other exotic fruits. “I want to be a source of reliable information for readers,” she said. “And a place where the record is set straight.”

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Janet Helm is an RD who spends most of her time compressing relevant health research into concise, discernable blog posts for the curious layperson. She’s an accomplished dietitian who’s advice has been featured across the world, and does a great job of combining her scientific background with a foodista’s touch. Her recipes and cooking tips are also worth following.

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Nutrition Unplugged is written by Janet Helm RD who is on a mission to help you cut through the clutter of diet myths and focus on the fad-free facts about nutrition. Here at Sargent Choice we definitely agree with her food philosophy:

Nutrition is too often mired in myths, misinformation and misery.
Food should be enjoyed, not feared.
Some nutrition claims and evangelists should be viewed with a skeptical eye.
Nutrition is a science, not a point of view.
If something sounds too good to be true — it usually is.
No single food is the downfall of the American diet — or a savior.
Taste and health can happily co-exist.
It’s important to eat what you love and love what you eat.

Check out Nutrition Unplugged with for the resources you need to debunk nutrition myths, enjoy good food and improve your health!

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Nutrition Unplugged. This site aims to be a collection of “food news and views.” To this end, the site helps you avoid food scams, keep yourself fed in the recession and even often thoughts on the future of healthy eating.

Top 50 Dietitian Blogs

Nutrition Unplugged. Discusses food trends and dispels diet myths to help clear up confusion for consumers.

USDA’S Food and Nutrition Information Center

This registered dietitian and mom takes the confusion out of nutrition. She thinks taste and health can happily co-exist.

Top 100 Nutritionist Blogs


If you love food, you’re bound to love this deliciously different nutrition blog. Author Janet Helm believes that food and nutrition are meant to be enjoyed, not buried in myth and mystery. Her blog brings you the fad-free facts about proper nutrition and eating right. With enlightening articles on diet and nutrition trends, products, and healthy eating, you’ll find ways to make your meals better for your body.

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The Internet can be an awesome resource for food and nutrition information; however, not all of it is reliable or credible. Below are some of my favorite nutrition blogs and websites you can trust and might even give you a fresh perspective, inspire you to cook more, or try a new food.  Nutrition Unplugged: Making sense of nutrition in the news.

Vail Valley Medical Center


Some of the moms listed blog passionately about their beliefs, while others blogs about food and family. Some of the blogs are serious while others take the humor route, but all have something valuable to say. Be sure to take the time to check out each one, shoot them a tweet, or leave a comment. If you’re not following their blogs, you should be. We chose them not because they had the most Twitter followers, or the most subscribers, but because they contribute something that is unique and relevant to the mom blogging universe.

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With a focus on “serving up food news and views,” Chicago dietitian, journalist and mom of twins Janet weighs in on food-related topics on her health-conscious blog. It’s less about showcasing fun recipes than explaining the whys and hows. For example, a recent post tackled the breakfast debate (spoiler: she’s firmly pro). Other posts examine the latest food trends and dish on things like exotic fruit and cookie butter. Links to related recipes on other websites round out this blog’s offerings.

Red Tricycle


Janet’s approach is fad-free, reliable and science based, but never boring.

– Eating Made Easy


Nutrition Unplugged has all the latest news relating to nutrition from a registered dietitian and nutrition journalist. The posts debunk nutrition myths, along with opinions on trends and new products.

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