Frequently Asked Questions

When did you start Nutrition Unplugged?

I began blogging during the first week of February in 2009. One of my first blog posts was Debating the Merits of “Stealth” Veggies if you want to see where it all began.

So what makes you an expert in nutrition?

Glad you asked. I studied nutrition in college — and I love to eat. (But of course, not everyone who eats is an expert in nutrition, even though that seems to be what’s happening these days.) I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist and an active member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, with a B.S. and master’s degree from Kansas State University. I may have certain points of view that differ from you. For example, I believe all foods can find a way to fit, in moderation, and I don’t think you necessarily need to be vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, organic, raw or paleo to be “eating right.” I think there are many approaches to healthy living. One size doesn’t fit all. Read more about my nutrition philosophy and my mission with Nutrition Unplugged on About.

Can I send you products to review?

Maybe. If it’s something that I think I would buy myself, then I might be interested. I always like knowing about new products. But I’ll only write about products that I truly like, and I don’t accept payment for review. I do not want samples of dietary supplements, energy drinks or anything marketed as a super food, “miracle,” metabolism booster or a cure for belly fat. So thanks for the offer, but I’ll take a pass. If you’d like me to know about something new, please get in touch with me on my Contact page. I may not be able to respond to all requests.

Do you accept guest posts?

No. Not at this time.

What else do you do?

When I’m not blogging, you can find me writing nutrition articles for a variety of publications, including the Chicago Tribune — where I’ve been a regulator contributor to the Good Eating section for several years. Often these nutrition columns are picked up by newspapers around the country — including the LA Times, New York Newsday, Baltimore Sun, Seattle Times, Atlanta-Journal Constitution and others. I’ve been a nutrition blogger for WebMD and now I write for the Eat + Run blog for U.S. News & World Report.  I recently published my first book with the editors of Cooking Light, The Food Lover’s Healthy Habits Cookbook. My nutrition writing has appeared in Cooking Light, Relish, American Profile, Consumers Digest,, and Environmental Nutrition. Here are just a few of my recent nutrition articles:

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